As I continue with Grip Week I want to focus on the grips you will find on 13 of my clubs.  Today I am focusing on Lamkin Grips.  Lamkin makes a variety of grips for all players.  Recently, I was in a position where I needed to change out my grips.  I was lucky enough to get some new ones from Lamkin.  They sent me their Players Cord Grip to test.  

I have to say that I was a little skeptical in the grips.  I have been a fan of the #1 Grip in Golf for a very long time and every time I have tried to change I have been disappointed.  

After changing my grips out I am actually trying to figure out why I have not changed to the Lamkin Players Cord sooner.  These grips are amazing.  The texture of the grips and the feel in your hands is like nothing I have ever had on a golf club.  

The grips are all black patented synthetic rubber with the rope cord throughout.  They have a red line down the middle front of the grip to use as a guide for your hands on the clubs.  It will show you if you have a weak or strong grip and make sure with a quick look that your hands are on the club correctly.  

Living in the humidity capital of the world, Central Florida, I prefer a cord grip.  I need a grip that will stay dry in the worst of conditions.  This grip not only stays dry it feels great in your hands and you never feel like you are going to lose the club at all.  The Lamkin Players Cord gives me everything I am looking for in a grip.  

One of the things that I found difficult with my old grips was the install.  I have been changing out my grips since high school.  I have changed hundreds of grips and they were the most difficult.  Due to multiple compounds in the grip they didn’t slide on easily, no matter the amount of solvent you used.  These grips slide right on with such ease I thought I was doing something wrong! 

If you have never installed grips before and this is going to be your first attempt I would suggest supervision.  This way you make sure you get the alignment feature on correctly.  If you don’t set them correctly and they dry you will have to pull them off and wast a grip.   After you have done it a couple times you will be a pro.  

Lamkin Grips are trusted by players such as Justin Rose, Keegan Bradley and Miguel Angel Jiminez.  If they are trusted by some of the best golfers in the world why are you not trusting them.  Going forward they will be all I trust in my grips.  I have a new set of clubs being made and they are coming with the Lamkin Players Cord grips installed.  

Dad Say  So, these Lamkin Players Cord Grips look and feel great.  The control I gained with these grips from the first round of golf was amazing.  You can grip them tight for the big swing. Then hit that soft wedge to lock up your birdie.  The grip is the perfect size for my hands.  I’ve have never had such a great feeling from the first swing.  If you are playing the “#1 grip in golf” or any other grip and are not looking at changing your grips out to the Lamkin Players Cord or any of their other models you are missing out on lowering your scores.  To find out more about the different models of grips go to or your local golf shop.  

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