For some of the readers the golf season is coming to an end.  This is the time of year that it is time to look at things in our bag and look forward to all of the new equipment that will be coming out over the next few months that we may want to add to our bag.  

If you love your set up in your bag it may be time to make some improvements to them.   This is a great time to look at changing your grips out and making your older clubs feel like new again!  This week we are going to focus on your grips.  We will call it #gripweek!  Its just like shark week, only different.  

There are a couple reasons to change your grips.  You have used them a lot this year they are slick and warn down.  If you play or practice a few times a week, changing them out would be a great thing to do annually.  

If you are like my friend Dave, who sees the golf courses about as often as a Sasquatch sighting, you also may want to change out your grips.  Due to the synthetic rubber used in them they will dry rot out.  If you leave your clubs in your garage, attic or storage shed you will find that they will dry out and you will be stuck with the grip getting slick and breaking apart in your hands.  

Changing out grips is something that is relatively easy and can be done by just about anyone.  If you are afraid, you can follow these simple steps or take them to your local golf shop and they will do it for you. 

First you need to remove the grip.  I suggest that you use a hook blade razor blade.  It will catch right under the grip and you pull it up towards the top of the grip.  Make sure you are pulling away from you.  Once you have cut it you can easily peel it right off.  

Second, you need to remove the tape that is on the club.  There are tape removers out there that you can get, we wouldn’t suggest using that on graphite.  It could damage the graphite but it works great on steel.  You can also use your fingers.  

After you get the tape removed you need to put a new piece on it.  You will need some double sided masking tape.  Many stores like Dicks Sporting Goods will sell you pre-cut strips that make it super easy.  They are the correct length for your grip.  

There are some people who will tell you just to add another layer of tape onto the club and not remove the tape.  It will slightly increase the size of the grip.  You may find that you like the feeling a little better.  

After you put the tape on you will need the grip and some grip solvent.  You can also purchase this at your local golf shop or Dicks Sporting Goods.  I suggest you find a golf tee to stick in the hole at the butt end of the grip.  This will make it easier to hold the solvent in the grip as you pour it in.  After you pour a generous amount in the grip you can either pour it out the end over the tape or hold the butt end over the tape and pull the tee out.  You just need to soak the grip tape to make the grip slide on easier.  

Next you slide the grip on.  Once the grip is on you need to tap the butt end on the ground to make sure it is all the way on.  Then you make sure the grip is on straight and you are ready to go.  If the grip is twisted you can easily turn it back and forth on the shaft to position it.  You should allow them to sit for a little bit before using them to prevent them from twisting when you play.  

One of the things that we do suggest is a paint tray on hand when you’re changing out a grip.  This will catch the grip solvent if you hold the shaft over the tray and you can reuse it.  There is no reason to keep buying more and more solvent.  It is totally reusable.  

Dads Say So, this week I am going to feature some of the grips that I like and you will find in my bag.  I have been changing out my grips for a very long time.  It has gotten to a point where I don’t trust anyone else to do it.  The guys on tour have the tour vans on site early in the week.  They will have it done for them but their trained professionals.  All of us may not have access to it but that shouldn’t stop you from taking care of your own grips.  I hope this helps you when it comes to changing our your grips.  

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