The game of golf is not played over 18 holes.  It is played on the 6 inches between your ears.  That is what separates the amateurs from the professionals.  Most great club players will tell you that they could be better if they could just stay out of their own way.  My wife is always telling me to go out and have fun.  Sure that sounds great.  But when you put the tee in the ground it is all about the competition and winning.  

There is a putter company out there that has figured out half of the problem in putting…being HAPPY.  It is Brainstorm Golf and their Happy Putter collection.  We recently had a chance to review the Eye Align Series Mallet and we loved the concept.   

The Happy Putter Eye Align Series Mallet comes in a really cool looking blue color.   There is a blue headcover that says HAPPY on it.  When you take the cover off and look at the face, it has HAPPY written on the face of the putter.  It is already putting you in that right frame of mind before you hit the putt. 

The putter comes with a custom SuperStroke style grip in that same blue.  Of course they added “HAPPY” to the top of the grip.  Included with the putter are some weights, 2 additional sight lines and an Allen wrench to easily adjust all of the items.  

There are a lot of times players will change putters for a different look.  With the Eye Align Series putters you just have to change the site lines on the top. It will give you a different look and it won’t cost you $300.  

The putter has 2 adjustable weights in it on the bottom.  It comes with the lighter ones installed and there is a heavier set of screws additional.  We did find on Bermuda greens that the heavier screws did make a difference in the MOI.  This resulted in better speed control of each putt.  

On their web site, there is a guide that shows you how to find the best Eye Align aid for putter for you.  It is a really great guide and can be changed out in seconds to find the one that will you to make more putts!

Happy Putters also have a blade version that does allow you to make the same modifications as the mallet.  If you prefer the blade look you can get one of those too.  They also have a putter that is completely adjustable.  Their tour series putters have the ability to change lofts, weighting, shaft angle and the amount of offset you have in the putter.  

Dads Say So, mallet putters are becoming all of the rave.  Most of the top 50 players in the world are using one right now.  The question becomes why?  There is an easy answer.  They are more forgiving and have a wider sweet spot on the putter to keep the ball on line.  The Happy Putter by Brainstorm Golf is more forgiving and is adjustable so you can make it the best putter for you.  It also keeps you in a positive frame of mind and thinking “Happy” Thoughts while you are standing over that 3 footer to win a match.  To pick one up for yourself go to your local golf shop or go to and order it today.  Then you and Pharrell can all be “Happy!”

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