Who wouldn’t love a personal shopper?  With my wife, 2 kids, a full time job and this blog there isn’t a lot of time to do anything else.  As a parent, if I can find an easier way to do something I am all about it.  Now I have found an easier way to sit in the comfort of my home and get a new golf outfit delivered right to my door every month thanks to Short Par 4.  

Short Par 4 is a monthly subscription service that delivers a now box right to your door.  When you sign up you answer a few questions and based on those answers, their Style Caddies know just what to pick.  

You first pick from “Athletic” “Loud and Wild” “Traditional” or “All Styles”.  After picking your preference you need to put in some sizing information and select your package.  Then, you get the same joy Steve experienced when un-boxing our delivery.  Click here for that video.  

Short Par 4 has 4 options for you to chose from.  Two of them are cool memberships and the other two are some amazing experiences that will give you the “Tour” feel delivered to your front door.  

The Fairway Membership

This package is $49.95 each month and comes with a box containing around $100 worth of clothing and accessories.  This is the box they sent us and it included an Oxford Golf Shirt and Shorts, a hat clip ball marker from Nike and a Short Par 4 Poker Chip Ball Marker.  

The Executive Membership

This Membership goes for $99.95 a month.  It will include “In-Season, Premium Brand Golf Apparel and Complimenting Items.”  This package will allow you to almost makeover your wardrobe in 12 months!  

The Rickie Fowler Tour Experience

This Membership goes for $125 a month and will deck you out in Puma from head to toe.  Just recently it event included a new Cobra Rickey Fowler Edition Wedge as part of the monthly surprise at your doorstep.  How awesome is that?

The Wesley Bryan Tour Experience

This Membership is Bi-Monthly and goes for $99 every other month.  This includes some of Wesley Bryan’s own sponsors premium merchandise including Callaway, Sketchers and more.  This package will include the possibility of putters and wedges as part of the bi-monthly surprise.  

One of the really cool things that they have on their website are gift cards for specific monthly memberships.  If you know that a friend or loved one plays golf and you want to get him a membership but don’t know his information just go online, pay for the gift card.  You can give the gift that keeps on giving the whole year (lets see how many people get the movie reference here).  They come in 3, 6 and 12 month increments.  

Dads Say So, if you don’t have the time to shop because you are busy working or taking care of the kids, but want to get new golf clothes monthly you are insane if you don’t sign up now for Short Par 4.  They will send you some really cool stuff, right to your door, every month.  You will never have to deal with the shopping mall ever again (a relief for Steve).  I really like the idea of the surprise and not knowing what amazing combination the Style Caddie will pick out!  Based on our answers they nailed the look for us! If Steve has not convinced you enough and you need some more information go to ShortPar4.com and sign up now.  Then, when your playing partners ask you if your wife picked out your outfit you can say, “No, my Style Caddie did!”


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