All of you know how much we love our great friends at Well did you know that they can help make you some extra money on the side? has a great partnership program where you can earn 20% commissions back on items that people buy through your discount code.  They also give you a great discount when you are looking to purchase items for your own use.

All you need to do is to create compelling content and share it on your social media streams with different training aids!  It is that simple. will even share your content on their social media streams as well!  

If you don’t believe how awesome it is from us, here are some great testimonials from teachers out there using it today!  

To me, partnering with GTA is a win for everyone!  I love creating content that empowers and educates others.  With I can showcase my drills, tips and my brand to a much wider audience.  I am so happy to partner with them.”  Kristy Homan, Golf Fitness Professional (IG @kirstyhomangolf)

“Since I started working with the team, I’ve increased my brand and gained many more students in the process!  I highly recommend becoming a partner, it’s well worth it.”  Dustin Miller, PGA Director of Instruction at Black Bear Golf Club and Blackstone Country Club (IG @dustinmillergolf)

If you are looking to find out more contact Brad at!  He will be able to help set you up with your account.  There is only one catch, you must be 18 or older to join!  

Dads Say So, we love working with  They are an amazing company who is working to help people be better at golf.  They are your one stop shop for all of your training needs.  Additionally, they can also be a great source of some extra money to help support your golf habit!  Email Brad today for more information!


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