Since Srixon made their splash in America, they have been known as an iron and ball company.  After their launch last week of their Z 785 Driver all of that has changed.  This driver is quickly becoming the best driver in the golf market today!  

Steve has been carrying a driver that he thought was Epic in his bag.  After doing some testing on the range with FlightScope the numbers didn’t lie.  The spin rate was perfect and the carry distance was 3 yards further with a slower swing speed and it had a longer roll out.  When you unleashed on it the spin rate stayed the same but the carry distance was off the charts and with the roll out the numbers were consistently over 300 yards.  Click here to see our video review from testing!

After 9 holes of golf last Thursday he decided to change out the driver for a scramble the next day.  In the scramble he never felt like he needed to swing out of his shoes but yet he pounded it all day.  The numbers were a little off as it was Cart Path Only the entire day.

The next day he went out and did some more testing.  This time the golf course had no restrictions so we had a good sense of how the ball would react.  This driver is the hottest driver we have ever hit.  Everyone that has hit it has gained yardage and accuracy!  One drive was over 350 yards leaving pitching wedge into a par 5!

The driver has a Ti51AF cup face.  This titanium is stronger and lighter than any other face out there.  Everyone who we had test the driver couldn’t believe how much lighter the club was compared to the one in their bag.  With the club being lighter you can keep your same swing and generate more club head speed through the ball, thus hitting the ball farther than ever before.  

The crown of the driver is made of light weight carbon.  This has become a trend in drivers as a way to keep the weight down and the stability up.  It give the club a very clean look at address.  

The Z 785 comes with the ProjectX HZRDUS Handcrafted Black Shaft as the stock option in the club.  We did test this shaft a while back and were very impressed with the consistency of ball flight and how it responded when in play so it was an easy transition.  The shaft weights 62 grams so it is also light weight.  This is a huge win to get such a great shaft as the stock option, Srixon wasn’t messing around!

We did find that when you hit one off the heel or toe it did a great job correcting the miss hits.  The ball flew straighter than with previous drivers we have tested.  This is great for each of us who doesn’t find the sweet spot time after time.  

The driver is adjustable.  It also has an optional weight set to adjust the swing weight and the center of gravity.  If you do change the weight on it you can influence the ball flight higher or lower.  There is also the Z 585 model that is $100 cheaper and doesn’t have the same ability to adjust it.  

Dads Say So, the Srixon Z 785 Driver is a game changer!  Every year new drivers come out and there are a lot of promises with them.  The Z 785 exceeds what Srixon is saying about it.  Being able to keep your swing speed and not feel like you are trying to kill it and gain distance and accuracy is amazing.  When you step on it and try to hit one hard the ball just goes for days.  The driver is a weapon for most good golfers and this club is like bringing a Tomahawk Cruise Missile to a knife fight, it just isn’t fair.   If you are looking to keep your same swing but hit  the ball further and straighter, it is time to upgrade to the new Srixon Z 785 driver.  Go to or your local golf shop today!

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