This year on the PGA Tour there were a lot of great moments.  None of them were as great as what we all witnessed today.  As we have said many times before on here, Tiger Woods is the needle of golf.  

Making it to The Tour Championship on its own is a great feat.  You are one of the 30 best players on the PGA Tour that year.  Tiger Woods made The Tour Championship with out a victory this year.  He did have a couple second place finishes but something always let him down.  

This week there was a lot on the line.  Yes he was going to the Ryder Cup already next week.  Going there with a win would be that much more important.  After Saturday’s great round (6 birdies on the front 9), Tiger had distanced himself from the field by 3 shots.  He had never lost when leading by 3 shots or more after 54 holes.  Knowing that fact Sunday appeared to be a formality. 

Starting with a birdie on the first hole, the rest of the fields seemed to have a deflated look on their faces.  The looked as if they were playing for second place.  Justin Rose and Rory McIlroy were the two closest competitors didn’t make a charge today.  Rose almost wasted a chance to win The FedEx Cup and the $10 million bonus.  His birdie on the final hole gave him enough points to hold of Tiger.  It was great to see Rose win 

The scene coming up 18 was something that we have not seen in a while.  The fans charging out onto the fairway and surrounding the players as they walked up the final hole was one of the greatest things to happen to golf.  It has been way too long since we have seen even the casual golf fan go crazy on the golf course.  

Next year the PGA Tour is moving The FedEx Cup Playoffs up and The Tour Championship will end on Labor Day weekend.  They are doing this so they don’t have to compete with The NFL.  I have a very funny feeling that on Monday when the overnight ratings come out The Tour Championship will be a head of any NFL Game from Sunday.  

One of the best things that happened on Sunday afternoon were the number of players back out behind the 18th green to congratulate Tiger on his victory.  The very players he is competing against understand what he means to the game.  If it wasn’t for Tiger they wouldn’t live the life styles that they live today.  

Dads Say So, golf needed today.  Tiger was going to win again.  If you have that much talent you have to run into one at some point.  Today was more than just the win.  It was The Tour Championship.  An event that arguably is the most difficult to get into annually and ranks up there in bragging rights behind only the 4 majors and The Players.  Yes we have seen this now 80 times but this one is really special. Thursday night the Browns won a game and it has been some 600 odd days since they had done that.  To see the player that our generation grew accustom to winning go 1,876 days since his last victory puts it into perspective.  Congratulations Tiger.  Welcome Back.  We all missed you! 

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