How many of you out there have had your wedges in your back for more than 2 years?  Its okay, you can raise your hand.  Well it is time to take your old wedges and toss them to the side and upgrade them to the new Cleveland Golf RTX 4 Wedges. 

Cleveland Golf made their name building the best wedges on the market.  Now they have one upped themselves.  These new wedges have build on their years of knowledge.  They give each of you a reason to get new wedges.

They used their new “Feel Balance” technology.   This reduces the weight in the hosel and move it to the most important part of the club, the sweet spot.  This allows for more mass behind the ball at impact.  This will give you more distance and control at the same time.  Click here for a great video demonstration of the RTX 4 wedge.

Cleveland has been milling the face of their wedges since the groove rules went into effect.  The RTX 4 wedges are no exception.  With this launch we found more control and increased spin after the ball landed as a result of the new milling pattern.  This is not only key on full shots, but even more important on those close shots around the green.  

Chipping was really easy with the RTX 4 wedges.  We actually found the face to be more solid on shorter shots and easier to control, even on miss hits.  This is great for the non tour player who loves the look and feel of a blade but wants a lot more forgiveness.

The wedges we got were the 54º and 58º Tour Raw wedges.  The 54º had the mid bounce and the 58º had the low bounce.  This is key in hitting shots around the green. 

The 58º with the low bounce allows you to slide the wedge under the ball a lot easier.   This will allow you to hit the high flop shot.  It is also ideal on tight firm ground.

The 54º with a little more bounce will be better for the average player.  It will allow you to bump and run the ball a lot easier but still give you the ability out of the sand to be aggressive. It is perfect in all ground conditions.  

The wedges come in 3 different finishes.  They have a Tour Satin, Black Satin and the Tour Raw.  We asked for the Tour Raw and have to tell you that we love the look. The raw finish on the wedges will rust out.  This is actually a great thing as the texture will add some additional spin to the ball when you are around the greens.    

One of the cool things about the duller finish on the wedges is the look when you are into the sun. This is something that tour players figured out long ago and there are a few companies out there that allow you to get the same finish.  It isn’t the first time we have had wedges with this finish and we love it.  

The only thing we found that needed an adjustment on the wedge was the grip.  Based on preference, we found the tour velvet grip to be a little small in our hands.  We do like a cord grip with as much as we our hands sweat in Florida.   

Changing out wedges is something that Tour Players do at least 4 times a year.  Vijay Singh would get new wedges every week he played on tour.  He would have new grooves for each event.  If you haven’t changed yours out in a while its time to upgrade to the new RTX 4 wedges.  

Dads Say So, Steve has had Cleveland Golf Wedges in his bag for over 25 years!  This is the best wedge they have ever designed.  The look, feel and results you get with the RTX 4 wedge are amazing right from the first swing.  It is the best wedge that Cleveland Golf has ever designed, and that is saying something as they designed the 588 wedges.  These new RTX 4 wedges are better than them and will help you lower your scores.  If you are serious about improving go to your local golf shop or today.    You will see your handicap get smaller.  

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