Cleveland Golf has been on fire lately with some great club designs.  Their Huntington Beach Collection Putter collection are part of that launch! 

As new clubs have come out it feels like there is always a price increase.  Putters have not been exempt in the price increase in golf equipment.  Cleveland has been developing some pretty amazing putters at a reasonable price that will make you question that $350 putter you are playing.    

Nothing could be truer than in their putter line.  Cleveland is making some great milled face putters that you can purchase for under $100.  They will give you the same great results that you will get from the $350 putter that you have been eyeing at the local golf shop…trust us.  

The Huntington Beach 8 putter is an over-sized blade putter that gives you the look of a blade but has a lot more forgiveness in it like a mallet putter would  It comes with a double bend neck shaft in it and a blue pistol grip. 

The face has a variable milling pattern on it so off center hits will travel just as far as those struck on the sweet spot.  As dads, we don’t get an opportunity to practice or play as much as we would like to.  We have a harder time finding the sweet spot so any assistance we get along the way is a great added bonus.   

With the milled face the feel of the putter is amazing.  Every putt rolls true off the putter face.  With shape of the putter and the sight lines on it we found the blade very easy to square up to your target line.  That is 50% of making putts.  If you can’t square the face you are not going to make it from the beginning.  

The putter weights 370 grams.  This is key as it is a little heavier than a standard 350 gram putter.  We really liked this as it did seem easier to keep low to the ground and make a much better strike on the ball.  

Dads Say So, if you are in the market for a new putter and are still spending money weekly on diapers you don’t need to go out there and break the bank on an expensive putter.  Dollar for dollar this is the best putter on the market and it will cost you the price of 2 rounds of golf!  Save money and hole more putts with the Huntington Beach Putters from Cleveland Golf.  With three different model designs you can find one that fits your eye and your playing partners will all be impressed when you make more putts.  You can laugh all the way to the bank when you are taking their money and they paid $250 more than you for a putter that they don’t make anything with!  If you are looking for more information, click here to see the entire Cleveland Golf Putter Collection!  

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