We were invited to Massage Envy, the official massage partner of the PGA Tour, in Altamonte Springs, FL on Saturday to meet with Patrick Rodgers of the PGA Tour.  Rodgers believes in total body preparation gets him ready to play 30 weeks a year! 

Patrick believes in adding stretching into taking care of his body “before putting, chipping or driving.” When preparing week in and week out on the PGA Tour.  

With all of the travel, hotel rooms and rental houses that the PGA Tour players deal with keeping their body in tip top shape to be at their peak to perform week in and week out is important.  Working out is only part of the process.  Getting a stretching regime is just as important.  It helps the muscles recover better and keeps you ready to go when you are teeing it up.  

Rodgers talked about the process and said, “What were all trying to accomplish as tour players, were trying to feel as similar as we can each and every day.  We want to be as close as we can to our peak performance.  There’s many aspects to peak performance.  Part of it’s mental, there’s a lot of physical, but taking care of your body each and every day and improving your range of motion.  Being able to recruit every muscle that you need to fire to swing a golf club is the foundation for everything in golf.”

One of the things that we wanted to get his opinion on is how Massage Envy and their stretching can benefit us as golfing dads.  “For the average golfer this is huge.  What Massage Envy is able to do with their Total Body Stretch to get people an increased range of motion and feel better on a daily basis.  It doesn’t even have to do with golf.  If you can wake up and not be sore, wake up and feel more mobility in your back its just a better quality of life.”

Dads Say So, thank you to Patrick Rodgers for taking the time with the media in Central Florida.  It was really cool to have the time to speak with him and he was an incredible gentlemen.  Hearing him talk about the benefits of the Total Body Stretch and how it can benefit your entire body and help you stay ready to play golf can really give you that competitive advantage not just at the PGA Tour level but even playing in your Saturday Morning Nassau.  If you are looking for something to help your golf game and feel better day in and day out go to MassageEnvy.com and find the location nearest you.   Also, we will be rooting for Patrick to win in his next start in Napa!     


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