Just over a year ago, Costco debuted the Kirkland Signature Golf Balls and the golf world went crazy.  You couldn’t find them at any Costco.  When they posted them on-line they were sold out in seconds.  

This year they debuted the new Kirkland Signature Performance+ Golf Ball.  This 3-piece urethane cover golf ball has a “soft elastic core to maximize distance.”  A Mantle that “interacts with the soft cover to generate optimized spin on iron and wedge shots.”  A cover that is durable and is designed “for spin and greenside control” as stated on the sleeve.  

What does this mean for you?  We are here to tell you.

If you don’t have a swing speed to compete at the World Long Drive Championship (or hit it 300 yards) this is a great ball for you.  We found that players with slower swing speeds increased distance off the tee but were still able to control the ball around the greens.  Those players found increased distance with their irons that they could trust and not lose the control they desired.  

If you have a faster swing speed, over 105 mph, you probably will find the same thing that we did with the ball, you will lose distance off the tee.  However, we found the ball to be great off the irons with amazing control and great in the wind.    

Around the greens, both players found the ball to be very easy to control and very responsive.  Both players found it very easy to control balls out of the sand with the Performance +.

While this ball may not be the tour quality ball that the first “K-Sig” was it is more of a game improvement ball that will really help the mid to high handicap with things that they lack.  Allowing players with a slower swing speed to hit the ball farther and keep their control is an amazing benefit.  This will help them improve their game and have more fun playing golf.  

Dads Say So, Mike really liked the new Performance + from Kirkland.  He saw a spark in his game and found some extra distance with the golf ball.  He is currently recovering from having his knee replaced and is already talking about teeing up his new ball of choice when he is cleared by the doctors.  If your swing speed has slowed or are looking for that extra spark in your game get out your Costco card, or call someone you know who has one, and get yourself the two-dozen package of the Kirkland Signature Performance + Golf Balls.

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