A week ago, The Golfing Dads posted a letter to the PGA of America asking for help with the state of the game of golf.  Obviously, we were looking for the biggest bang for our buck for this letter.  

Today, we found out that there is a group out there that is taking action to help grow a very significant part of the game.  The LPGA, together with We Are Golf, announced today their #inviteHER Campaign.  This is a huge step in the right direction to attract more people in a small playing market out to the course and play some golf.  

In the #inviteHER Campaign press release they stated;

“We Are Golf and the LPGA will launch a new industry-wide campaign tagged #inviteHER aimed at golfers to empower the women in their lives and invite them to join the game – She belongs in the game.

#inviteHER is not intended to be a one-and-done campaign, but rather a lasting rallying cry to encourage more women to play golf.”

#inviteHER has the support of We Are Golf.  An organization comprised of The PGA Tour, PGA of America, USGA and other major golf organizations.  Let’s hope these other organizations follow suit and come up with the same type of campaign to combat the epidemic that is fewer and fewer golf rounds annually.

As someone whose wife does not play golf, I see a great opportunity to do my best to get her out on the golf course.  She has said that when the 2 boys start to play she is going to have to take up the game because she thinks it’s the only time she will see us.  Maybe, it is time to get her a set of clubs and #inviteHER to start playing.  

Dads Say So, here is a standing ovation to the LPGA for starting the #inviteHER Campaign.  This is a great start to helping correct the problem of participation on the golf course.  While this isn’t the only solution, here is hoping the other organizations follow suit.  If you get to have your significant other out on the course don’t forget to post it on social media with #inviteHER.  This is going to be fun to follow.  

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