On August 15, 2018, Steve McMillan and TheGolfingDad.com were featured in a Forbes.com article.  The story, titled “The Best Golf Shoes, According to Pros, Instructors, and Gearheads” featured multiple types of shoe designs for for both men and women.  Click here for the article.

Under the section, “Most Comfortable Golf Shoes,” Forbes added one of our favorite shoes, the Puma Ignite PWRADAPT Disc’s.  Click Here for our review of the shoes.  

“Being included in an article by Forbes.com is quite and honor,” said McMillan.  “It is great proof that our hard work in providing a great review that is well respected is being recognized.”

Dads Say So, being recognized is always nice.  To be mentioned by one of the most reputable companies in the industry is amazing.  While we continue to do our product reviews we will not lose sight of providing the best possible feedback for each and every product so that all of our readers are always informed to the fullest.  Thank you for making us who we are today and where we will go moving forward.    




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