Coming off of Sunday’s round in the 100th PGA Championship all of the talk was about Tiger Woods on every television and sports talk network.  Brooks Koepka has won 3 of the last 7 majors and everyone was talking about the guy who finished in second place.  

We have said on this web site that Tiger Woods doesn’t just move the needle, he is the needle.  What happened on Sunday was the perfect evidence of why that is.  

When Tiger is in contention people pay attention.  Justin Thomas talked about the on course experience saying that there was a louder roar for Tiger as compared to any other roar around the golf course.  That is from his peers in action.  

How do the rest of us feel about him?  For those of us sitting on our couch watching the “drama” unfold it was the third highest rated day of golf on TV this year.  

Traditionally, Sunday at Augusta is the highest rated golf day of the year for TV.  That was no different this year with it leading the way with a Nielsen Rating of 8.7.  As we now have to wait over 230 days for The Masters, the golf world sits on pins and needles for the back nine at Augusta.  

The final round of The PGA had an overnight rating of 6.1!  That is the second highest rated day of golf on TV this year.  Outside of The Masters and the PGA the other 2 events with ratings over 5.0 all had Woods in the mix on Sunday.  They were The British Open and the Valspar Championship a tournament where Tiger held the lead on Sunday and one where he came in second place.  

Just to put that into perspective.  Last year only the final round at Augusta had over a 5.0 rating.   

So what does all of this mean for golf?  Well if you follow history you know that when Tiger was at his prime the rounds played peaked and there were more and more new golfers coming out to the course to play.  

Sure, places like Topgolf and DriveShack are great for golf.  But are they resulting in more people on the golf course?  No.  The parent company of DiveShack owns golf courses and they are looking at selling most of them to get more capital to build more properties.  

Golf needs Tiger Woods more now than it ever has.  Sure there are some great players out there.  Brooks Koepka, Dustin Johnson, Jordan Spieth, Justin Thomas, Rickey Fowler and Rory McIlroy just to name a few.  None of them bring the masses out to watch like Tiger does.  Here is to hoping that more and more people come out to play golf and enjoy the game just like we do.  

Dads Say So, this past weekend was great for golf in general.  To have TV ratings up 69% over last year is amazing!  It means that Tiger being in contention is bringing the casual golfer back into the mix.  It also scares us to think that there is no one out there like Tiger Woods and if he were to have had to step away now what would happen to the game.  When Tiger does step away who takes that mantle?  Right now there isn’t anyone out there that does what Tiger does just by being there.  At the end of the day Tiger is the needle of golf.  Right now golf needs Tiger to do what Tiger does.  When he does we should all send him a thank you note to his home in Jupiter!  It’t time for Tiger to win and remind these young guys just who he is!


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