Golf is meant to be enjoyed!  The players on tour play the game at the highest level and they have a lot of rules that come into play about enjoying an adult beverage while they play.  The rest of us can spend more time enjoying our round.   

One way to relax after a great round is with a pint of your favorite beverage.  Now you can enjoy it with a pint glass that looks like a golf bag.  It’s called the Golf Beer Mug!  

The mug is a great way to relax after your round and remember all of those great shots and try to forget about the bad ones. It has the shape of an older model staff bag.  They come in both frosted and clear so you can choose either one!

One of the really cool things about the mug is that you can engrave the front of it so if you are celebrating a hole in one, looking for a great groomsmen gift, or going on a golf vacation and want to have a great personalized memory this is the way to do it!  

If you are a golf course looking to celebrate someone making a hole in one the Golf Bag Beer Mug makes a great idea.   You can have the hole number engraved on it so when someone makes one you can give it to the for the round that they will have to buy for their playing partners.  

Dads Say So, if you follow the blog you know how we like personalized gifts so the Golf Bag Beer Mug is one of those items on our list that we think makes for a great gift for the golfer in your life.  If they are a dad or not they can enjoy a great beverage and relax with their own mug!  It only costs $15.95!  That is a great price to join us in a toast with our favorite mug!    To order yours go to 

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