Living in Florida, The Golfing Dads have learned what it means to protect yourself from the sun.  The sunshine state has its name for a reason and you need to not only apply sunblock but wear something to protect your eyes from the harmful UV rays that cause plenty of damage.  PeakVision Sunglasses has figured out how to take care of your eyes, look cool and play better golf by just changing your sunglasses.  

If you have not heard of PeakVision, you NEED to do some research.  We tested their DG1 glasses and we are here to tell you that the lens is the best lens we have ever worn on the golf course.  They have a proprietary lens that is the clearest lens in the industry and will help you see shots clearer, read greens better and help you lower your scores.  We were very impressed at the image quality when we put the glasses on.  We have never seen such detail when wearing a pair of sunglasses on the course.  

PeakVision glasses are not polarized.  You’re probably thinking, “Why would you not polarize sunglasses?”  PeakVision CEO, David Feaser, has the answer for you. 

“Polarized lens flatten and tend to lower depth perception of the objects that you are seeing.  Typical sunglasses distort and distract from what you are actually seeing on the course while dual-zone patented lenses actually enhance your vision providing three times the visual information for your eyes.”

Here are a few more tidbits of information that may help you in making your decision about upgrading your glasses:

  • The extreme difference with PeakVision Sunglasses in that the proprietary lens material, which equates to a distortion-free lens with extreme clarity, has the same clarity as “crown glass” which has a -52 abbi rating for clarity. (The higher the number on a negative scale, the better the clarity). Normal polycarbonate lenses are typically in the -14 to -20 area of clarity. PeakVision lenses give 2 to 4 times the clarity on that index.
  • The technology behind these lenses is so unique, the PeakVision lenses are patented and the technology of PeakVision lens leap-frogs current technology of today.

On the PeakVision website they list some really cool things that make their glasses different and better than their competition.  For golfers, they have a lot of technology that can help you in your round.  As stated:

“Our Sunglasses all come standard with our Patented Dual Zone Lens Technology that increases performance. Our Dual Zone hybrid lenses are made up of a 20% Neutral-Gray Upper Zone that manages oncoming glare, while the Lower Zone is comprised of a 60% Amber which increases contrast and allows an impeccable read.

– Provides 3X the Visual Information –

– Extreme Clarity / Zero Distortion –

– Patented Dual Zone High Performance Eyewear -“

So, what does all of that mean for you?  Clearer views on the course.  Better depth perception and an easier time reading greens.  All of that added up means lower scores!   

When you buy a pair of glasses they come with a great carrying case to protect them that has a hook to attach to your golf bag.  They also have a very thick bag for storage in the case that doubles as a microfiber cloth that does an amazing job cleaning the lenses from sweat or fingerprints.  

PeakVision does have the greatest golfer of all time on their staff in their signature collection, the Jack Nicklaus Signature Line.  If they are good for the greatest golfer of all time we should all be wearing them to help make us better.  

Dads Say So, this is the greatest surprise we have ever reviewed.  The lenses on these glasses are second to none!  They will help you see more clearly and that can only help you on the course.  As an added bonus, you will look great doing it too.  They were one of the top 9 items at the PGA Merchandise Show in Orlando this year!  PeakVision has multiple styles of glasses so go to and find the pair that is best for you.  Trust us when we tell you that you will find your new go to pair of glasses from the first round that you wear them!  





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