If you read our blog regularly, you understand that we have a love of music on the golf course.  As a result, our phones are usually within arms reach so we can make sure we have the ideal music selection.  

There are other times on the course where we really like to multitask and watch this weeks PGA Tour event or Steve likes to keep tabs on his Red Sox even on the golf course and it has been difficult to find something where we don’t have to hold the phone to watch it.  That is until we got the Click Caddy.   

The Click Caddy fits perfectly in your golf ball holder in your golf cart (as it has a rubber golf ball as the base of it) and has an arm that extends out with a plate on it.  There is a magnet that comes included that attaches to the back of your phone or phone case and connects to plate and holds your phone in place so you can watch whatever you want.  

The Click Caddy comes with a bag that is great for storage and will make it easy to find in your golf bag.  The bag has the logo on the outside so you know what you are pulling out of your bag.  

If you have a case on your phone, you need to make sure that you attach the metal plate to the outside of the case.  If you put it inside the case it will not hold the phone in place if you go over a bump and you don’t want to break your phone.  

Dads Say So, with smart phones and Bluetooth technology, music has become more and more popular on the golf course.  If we are on the course there is something coming from our cart and usually the other cart in our group has something else playing as well.  Click Caddy allows us to always know where our phone is and allows us to not only listen to music but watch TV as well.   It is really looking go that Steve has a staff bag as this is another accessory that will be kept in his bag so that he doesn’t miss a pitch in the Red Sox game or who is going to win this weeks stop on the PGA Tour.  To order yours, go to ClickCaddy.com today.  To add this great accessory for under $20 you can’t go wrong.  It also makes a great gift for the golfer in your life who has everything.  

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