Every week on tour, caddies are carrying the big, heavy staff bags for their players.   Sponsors like the staff bags as they show off their names more prominently than stand bags will on television.  With only one strap on them they can be really heavy, causing stress on the shoulder that you are carrying it on and on your back!  

Vessel Bags has found a solution for not only tour caddies, but for anyone of us who has a golf bag with one strap.  It is called the Tour Strap.  

The Tour Strap connects to the handle on your bag and loops around your existing strap.  It allows you to have a strap over both shoulders and save pressure on your back and shoulders.  This will help keep you out of the chiropractor’s office!

If you have not heard of Vessel before we have to tell you what an amazing company they are.  They are a golf bag manufacturer.  Patrick Reed’s bag is from them and, just like Patrick Reed, you can customize your bag any way you like it.  You all know how much we like to design our own one of a kind designs so this is perfect!

When you buy a bag from them they will donate a “bag” (backpack) to inner city children with their “Buy a Bag, Give a Bag” program.  To date they have donated 26839 bags!  This is an amazing idea and huge bonus to something near and dear to our hear, giving back!

Right on their website it tells you why this is so important to them.  “The story begins with you. Buy a Vessel bag and look for the unique ID number inside. Your bag’s ID corresponds to the number of backpacks that have been given to help children around the globe gain access to an education and a better future. It’s our little bits of good added together that overwhelm the world. For that, we thank you.”

Dads Say So, we don’t have to walk and carry our bag a lot, but even carrying it in from the parking lot it will help you not pull your back.  As dads with little ones you want to be able to pick up your kids when you get home after 18.  If you are a caddy at a course and are looking to help yourself and your back this is a great $45 to spend to help you on the course.  If you are on the PGA Tour as a caddy and are still using a single strap, I would suggest buying your player an adult beverage or two and taking his phone and having him order one.  If you are looking for a Tour Strap or a new golf bag go to Vesselbags.com.  If you are looking for a new bag and want to help give back you need to get your bag from Vessel.  Were thinking about ordering some new custom bags from them with TheGolfingDads.com logo on it!  

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