Sunglasses used to be created the same.  There was a cookie cutter approach to them when it came to the type of lens that was being used to shield your eyes from the sun.   All of that has changed with the use of technology and what they can do now to help athletes performance in the sun.  

Oakley has developed a Golf Prizm lens that they have used for a couple years now.  We finally got our hands on a pair to review and we really like them.  The Prizm lens is a golf lens that the engineers at Oakley have made to make it easier to pick up the shades of green across the course, allowing you to see breaks and grain more clearly.  We have used the glasses on and off the golf course and really love the clarity of the them.  

On the course they make it easier to see all the shades of green through the entire golf course. It makes it easier to read breaks on putts; down grain or into the grain; or if you are wearing contact lenses like Steve is, it makes it easier to judge distances. 

Off the course, we found them to be great when driving down the road.  They do a great job reducing the glare on the road and make it easier for you in heavy traffic.   

As far as the feel of them on your face, there isn’t a company out there that makes a better feeling pair of glasses.  They are lightweight, fit great on the nose and with the straight temples you don’t have to worry about them curling around your ear and sliding down your face.  They stay in place perfectly.  

The glasses come with a great hard shell carrying case to protect them when you are not using them.  It also comes with a great cleaning microbag to store them in in the case and clean the lenses off with.  One suggestion is to get another case to keep in your golf bag just in case you get caught in the rain or are playing that twilight round late in the day and don’t want to keep them on your forehead or hat and want to keep them protected.  

Dads Say So, we’re based in Florida, the Sunshine State.  We need something to protect our eyes always in the sun. We want to keep our eyes healthy so we can see all of the things our children are doing clearly for years to come.  If you are like us and play golf, you NEED to get a pair of Oakley Eye wear with the Golf Prizm lens in them.  The great Oakley quality and eye protection we have all come to know and a lens that will help you on the golf course.  Steve prefers the Flax 2.0 as they wrap around his face and don’t allow any light to come through around the sides.    No matter where you live you should protect your eyes from the harmful UV rays and Oakley has made a lens that will not only protect your eyes but help you read putts better and improve your score.  Go to or your nearest Oakley store to find the pair that is right for you.   

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