As golfers, we love our training aids!  Anything that we can add to our golf bag to help make us better, we will go out and buy.  

If you are like us, your bag has a set of alignment sticks in it at all time.  This will allow you to make sure you are set up correctly, starting the ball in the correct position or you have the ball at the right spot in your stance.  

We have found a new alignment aid that takes up a little more space in your golf bag, but will do more for your than 2 fiberglass sticks.  They are called stringRods.  

stringRods work on the same principal as your regular alignment sticks with an added bonus.  The sticks are connected across the top and bottom and hinge so they can easily fold up for storage in your golf bag.  There are two nylon strings that slide across the top and bottom of the frame.  These strings allow you to set up your swing path and give you a great visual to work with. 

The best part about the nylon strings, you don’t have to worry about breaking them if you hit one of them.  They will come loose but you can pop them back into place very easily and get back to working on your game.  By hitting one, it will tell you also if your swing is out of line as well.  An added bonus!

If you are working on hitting a draw you can position the strings to an inside path so that you can make sure you get the club working from inside to out.  If you are struggling out of the sand and you want to take the string Rods and put them in the bunker, you can position the strings so that you want the work the club cutting across the ball to give you the best sensation of hitting that perfect bunker shot it is really easy to do.  Click here for a great video of us working on both of those things.

Another thing you can do is to take 4 tees and elevate the stringRods on the putting green.  You can work on the straight back and straight thru putting stroke and hit putts and with the string Rods elevated off the ground you can work on making putts with it.  

The only thing that we found that could be improved is that they come without a cover for them.  This could be bad as they are a little taller than the standard length alignment sticks due to the hinges on them and if your driver drops on top of it, you will have a nice dent on the shiny driver.  If you can be careful you will not have a problem!

Dads Say So, we really love our training aids, and we really love ones that you can use multiple different ways to make you better.  stringRods are one of those.  To be able to use it on the driving range, in the sand and on the putting green make it very versatile.    To be able to practice “thru the bag” with any club and improve quickly made us realize just how great this is.  They retail for $59.95 you can find them at or with our great friends at 

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