First and Foremost, Happy Father’s Day to all of The Golfing Dads out there!  Today is a special day for all of us.  

Sunday at the US Open brings the roller coaster of golf that all of us love to watch.  After the fiasco on Saturday, Sunday was must watch television to see how the USGA reacted. 

Certainly some of them are going to be a little miffed.  After watering the greens and putting 11 of the flags as close to the middle as they could get them, there was going to be something that they didn’t like about the day.  

As an organization, they have over reacted a time or two.  Just look at the anchoring ban to see what we are talking about.  

As a result of their actions today there was a record tying 63 on Sunday at the US Open!  Were already looking forward to NBC’s next tournament broadcast to hear Johnny Miller tell us how it wasn’t as good as his.  

When the dust finally settled today Brooks Koepka was hoisting the trophy for the second year in a row!  This is something that hadn’t been done in 29 years since Curtis Strange completed the feat!  It was great to see Strange interviewing him after the round today.

Just to put this in perspective, Koepka wasn’t born yet when Strange won his consecutive US Opens.  Also, there have only been 7 other players who have completed this amazing task.  

Tommy Fleetwood shot that amazing 63 today to finish second.  Dustin Johnson birdied 18 to finish 3rd.  

After Saturday’s mess of a golf round the USGA brought the golf course back to reality with softer conditions on the greens and many players went looking for birdies.  There were plenty of them out there but, if you miss hit a shot you were severely penalized.  This is how the course should have been set up all week.  

Dads Say So, after making a complete mess of Saturday, the USGA got the set up some what right on Sunday.  They could have been a little more aggressive with the pin locations but they were concerned of the backlash should the wind have picked up. If they hadn’t lost the golf course on Saturday, we all would have seen that.  Hopefully the USGA learned from this mistake and they wont make it again next year at Pebble Beach.  Lets just not get too greedy now.  Those who do not learn from the past are doomed to repeat it.  At the end of the day, congrats to Brooks Koepka and Happy Father’s Day!

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