With Father’s Day being only a week away, we think it is important to make sure you have your gift ideas ready to go for your dad on this day to honor them.  There are a few companies out there that we really think would make dad happy if he were to open that gift and have an extra special meaning.  

Here is our list of great gift ideas for the Golfing Dad in your family.


Our friends at GolfTrainingAids.com have that extra special gift to help dad improve his golf game.  We will suggest two items that you will find in our bag and we use every time we play.  First is The Navigator from Dirty Larry Golf.  This nifty device makes sure your putter is square to the target line.  It was our number one training aid of 2017 and should not come as a surprise that it is a product that we love and use before every round.  The second product that we suggest is the Eye Putt Pro.  This mirror attaches to the back of your putter and makes sure you are set up correctly with your eyes over the golf ball.  It puts you in the perfect position to putt.  

Dormie Workshop

You know that our good friends at Dormie Workshop are always up to something awesome that we are always looking to add to our collection.  This year they have started making Military covers made from authentic military gear for the service member in your family.  A really cool idea for an awesome gift idea!  Steve’s wife ordered him a new cigar holder from Dormie for his golf bag so you should check out their other products too!

Liberty Ball Markers

Liberty Ball Markers make such an amazing product that it is hard to decide what to get.  Being able to personalize your ball marker or divot tool is awesome and is a great thing to use in every round that you play.  It is one of our favorite gifts out there as they are reasonably priced and make an awesome “WOW” gift!

Puma Golf Shoes

Ok, So we have talked about the custom products but if you need to walk into the golf shop and get a gift for dad and don’t know what you are looking for, look no further than the Puma IGNITE PWRADAPT DISC Golf Shoes!  These are the greatest shoes we have ever worn and dad will agree with us.  They are amazingly comfortable and have a 2 year waterproof to boot.  This one is a slam dunk gift that dad will love!

MG Golf Towels

For the longest time we thought that golf towels were meant to match your golf bag.  That was until we found the MG Golf Towels.  These checkerboard towels are way more fun when they don’t match anything on your bag.  These towels have a double weave pattern on the back side and are multi colored on the other.  They stand out to the point that dads playing partners will be asking him about them when he tees it up so you should go ahead and order him one just for that reason.  

Oakley Sun Glasses 

Golf is a game that is meant to be played outside and being outside you need to protect yourself from the sun.  Our amazing friends at Oakley have some great options in their eye wear to protect your eyes from the harmful UV rays of the sun.  Steve has been wearing the Flax 2.0 frames with the golf lens that just pops the colors and makes it easier to read greens when he is putting.  These will help dads game improve and will make a great gift for him to open!

Ace of Clubs Golf Belts

If you are someone who traditionally buys a belt for your dad on Fathers Day then stop buying him a boring normal belt and go and check out Ace of Clubs Golf Co for their belts.  They have many different exotic animal prints in multiple colors that dad will love wearing.  They also have a newer line of carbon fiber pattern belts that look great so that dad will look great on the golf course!  

Dads Say So, Father’s Day is our favorite day of the year.  It is a day to honor us dads and if you are looking for that last minute gift these are some amazing options.  We also want to thank New York Magazine for including us in their golfing Father’s Day gift guide.  It was really cool to be featured and 3 of the products above were featured in their article for Father’s Day gifts!  If you are also a golfing dad, Happy Father’s Day!  If you are looking for that last minute gift for your dad, we would like to wish him a Happy Father’s Day as well!

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