As gofers, we don’t get a lot of chances to play those courses on our bucket list every day.  When the chance came around to play Wolf Creek while we were in Las Vegas we couldn’t say “Yes” fast enough!

Wolf Creek is located in Mesquite, NV.  This is about 90 miles from The Strip in Las Vegas.  We had the first tee time of the day at 7:30 AM so we had to get up early!  The ride out to Mesquite was amazing with the sun coming up over the mountains! 

Arriving at Wolf Creek Golf Club was better than we could have imagained.  You can see the mountains framing the holes that they have become so famous for as you pull into the parking lot.  It really gets your excitement level up for that tee shot on the first hole. 

The day we got there had the wind blowing at about 25 mph with gusts to 50 mph.  If you click here for the video there are a few instances where you can hear just how bad the wind was blowing.  

Wolf Creek opens with an incredibly picturesque par 5.  The green is set back into a mountain.  There is water on the hole but it really doesn’t come into play.  We were lucky enough to catch the wind down from the left and with my fade I had only 140 yards in for my second shot!  

The second hole has one of the greatest climbs in all of golf.  There are 100 steps from the cart path up to the back tee box.  When you get up to the back tee box you will find a bench to catch your breath or rest your burning calf muscles!  The view from the tee box is worth the walk though. You are nine stores up above the level of the fairway and can see across the entire property!  

The 7th hole is a great risk reward par 4.  Two of the players in our group laid up and even the lay up shot is a tricky one.  If you hit it too far you run down to the bottom of the hill and have a very challenging approach shot.  I went for the green and knocked it on.  The problem with knocking it on the green is the amount of undulation in the green.  You can have an eagle putt that you have no chance in even two putting if you are in the wrong spot.  

The back nine opens with one of the two holes that play up hill.  If it wasn’t playing down wind the hole would have been very difficult.  

The 12th is a great par five.  There is water that runs down the left hand side from the tee and then there is water on the right hand side of the green.  With the hole playing as downhill as it does it is a great risk/reward par 5 that has an amazing view from the tee box but when you turn around there is a great view back up the hill at the tee box that makes you realize just how much elevation change there is.  

Thirteen is a great short par four with plenty of options.  It is a dogleg right that you really just need to position yourself in the middle of the fairway to have a great look with a short iron in your hands into the green for your second shot.  The challenge is, this dogleg right can be driven if you take the aggressive line over the mountain on the right side of the fairway and you can be putting for eagle.  The problem is, if you miss the shot you will hit one into the face of the mountain and your third shot after a drop will be almost impossible.  

Fifteen green has one of the best views of the golf course.  It allows you to look across the front nine as well as down the 13th hole to an awesome view of the green embedded into the mountain.  As breathtaking as it looks from the fairway this view is even  better.  

The down hill tee shot on 17 is quite the site.  When we played this par five it was playing into the wind and was a 3 shot hole.  If you have to lay up the lay up is to almost an island fairway and with the size of the green and the area surrounding it the green is almost an island as well. It is a great par 5!  

One of the cool features on the finishing hole is the waterfall that is to the left of the green on 18.  While it doesn’t come into play the look that it gives the hole is remarkable on your approach shot and around the green.  

We do have one suggestion when playing Wolf Creek.  You do sign a waiver before you tee off that is more than just your standard cart waiver.  There are a few tee boxes that if you take one wrong step you will fall 150 feet or more.  You need to be careful where you step so you don’t start out as a foursome and end up coming back as a threesome.  

One of the things that happened at Wolf Creek was we got a chance to use our new Soloshot camera.  This camera comes with a tag that follows the person wearing it and is not only great for golf but also great for any other action sport.  The picture quality is much better than the camera that we were using and can’t wait to do some more work with it going forward for all of you to enjoy!

Dads Say So, Wolf Creek has been on Steve’s bucket list for a long time.  His wife had told him that if he went to Vegas and didn’t play there he would be in trouble.  We have to say that it was worth every penny that we did pay to

play there.  The staff was personable! They say a picture is worth a 1000 words but there isn’t a picture out there that does Wolf Creek justice.  Every hole at Wolf Creek has its own story and character and if you are within a car ride you NEED to go play there.  To be able to play a course that is featured on Rory McIlroy Golf and was at the top of our bucket list was incredible.  If you are looking to scratch a course off of your bucket list and are in Las Vegas or Southern Utah and you don’t make the trip to Wolf Creek you are insane.  You can also book golf packages to stay and play in Mesquite as there are multiple other courses in the area to play.  We can’t wait wait for our next trip out there and you shouldn’t either.  It is worth every penny to play!  If you want to find out more about Wolf Creek go to

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