As golfers, we all know that we need to practice in order to perform at our best level.  Depending on what we have going on in our lives practice time can be hard to come by.  

Our friends at ProAdvanced have developed a new hitting net called the ProAdvanced Pro Return Golf Net that will allow you to practice all you want with only 1 golf ball.  This makes this the last net you will ever need.  

I know what your saying, there is no way you can use only 1 golf ball when you are hitting balls into a net!  I am here to tell you that if I hadn’t seen it with my own 2 eyes I wouldn’t have believed it either. Click here to see it for yourself.  

The net is designed with the exterior walls for the frame that pop open very easily and have tie downs that easily stake into the ground.  There is an additional net that you steak into the ground to tighten it.  This is the net you hit into and depending on the tightness of this net will depend on how far the ball you are using comes back to your feet.  As long as you have the correct tension in the net the ball will come back to your feet.  It only took me 2 tries to get it correct so it is really easy to do!

I set up the ProAdvanced net in my backyard and had a great time hitting balls into it.  The functionality of the net allows you to set it up indoors or outdoors and hit balls into it and still only use one ball to practice with.  If  click here you can see the net in action!  

The ProAdvanced comes in a nice carrying bag.   At first look I was a little nervous about folding the net back up to put it into the bag.  It actually folded up really easily and I had no issue putting it into the bag by myself.  

I will suggest that you use a launch monitor like the Swing Caddie SC200 that we use to get real results when using the net.  If you are looking for the optimal results having something that will give you the feedback numbers right away will help you dial in your practice in-between rounds.  

Dads Say So, I am really excited to have the ProAdvanced Pro Golf Return Net to not only practice with but also to test equipment with in between rounds. The fact that you only need 1 golf ball to practice with is amazing.  It allows you to really get a great practice session without expanding a lot of energy going and collecting golf balls.  To get the best results with the net I have used it with my launch monitor and had a few training aids out there when using it so that you can make sure you are getting perfect practice when you are hitting balls.  You can find the ProAdvanced Pro Golf Return Net at or you can Prime it at


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