Have you ever gone looking for your towel and not been able to find it?  Or better yet, put it in a different spot in your cart or on your bag?  Well, we have found a new towel that is perfect for you!

Monument Golf, creator of the Stick It range finder wrap, has made a Stick It towel.  A microfiber towel that has a large magnet on the end of it so it will attach to your cart frame, 7 iron, or you can even pick it up with your putter.  Click here for our video to see the towel in action! 

On the top of the towel, there is a magnet that can easily detach from the towel.  The Golfing Dads have plenty of things already on our cart frame with our speaker, range finder and cell phone holder but adding the towel to the mix seems like it belongs there. 

The magnet easily detaches from the towel so you can wash it without the annoying sound of the magnet hitting the dryer walls.    It also won’t damage the dryer.  

On the course the towel stays wet so you can keep your clubs and golf balls clean!  The towel quality is awesome!  

The towel was tested on a windy day and we had no problem with it even moving from where we put it on the cart frame.  The same could be said for the towel being attached to the face of a golf club. 

We even used it walking and carrying our bag as well as using a push cart and at no point did we ever lose the towel.  It is a huge benefit for the towel.  Anyone can use it in any playing condition.  

If your putter is made from a non metal material, there is an additional magnet that you can add to your putter so that when you are done putting you don’t even have to bend over to pick up the towel.  You can just pick it up as you walk on by and keep going!  

The towel comes in two colors, grey and white.  We would like to see more options so that a player or team could match their colors.  Outside of that the towel is about perfect.  

Dads Say So, the Stick It Magnetic Towel is great if you are looking to always know where your towel is.  You can attach it to any part of your cart frame or any iron in your bag and it wont move and it makes it easy to find.  This is a perfect gift for the golfer who has everything already!  To find out more information or to order yours go to monumentgolfer.com today.  

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