Fixing pitch marks is an important part of a round of golf.  Living in Central Florida it seems that many of our resort courses have a lot of people playing on them that have “forgotten” how to fix a pitch mark on the green.  We have found the solution for you.  

Some of you may have seen on The Golfing Dads or Liberty Ball Markers Instagram page some new divot tools.  Liberty Ball Markers are expanding beyond the Ball Marker segment and they have added Divot Tools! 

Brad and I have been talking about the Divot Tools for a long time it seems.  I would have to look back in my Instagram messages, but I would venture to say that the topic has been out there for close to 6 months.  

When he messaged me and asked if I would be willing to test one for him I couldn’t say yes fast enough.  He even asked what I wanted mine to say!  I got to put “Jackson and Luke’s Dad” on it!

When it came in I couldn’t believe how good it looked. The paint fill in blue on one side and then on the back side of the tool it says “PROTO” and has the Liberty Ball Markers and Birdie Bomb logos on it in black.  The edges of the tool are hammered down as well and that gives it a great texture when you are holding it and using it.  

I really like the single prong look for the tool as I find it easier to use and it doesn’t damage the green like the two prong tools tend to.  I also really like the weight of the tool.  It has a very strong density to it and you know it is in your pocket as the copper weight lets you know it’s in your pocket. 

The top of the tool is curved so that you can rest your putter on it if you miss the green and have to hit a chip shot.  This is great, so you don’t get your grip on your putter wet.  

The process of testing was awesome.  Brad asked 6 different people, all of Instagram Fame, to test them and give him feedback.  There was a great email chain that was going back and forth with all of our feedback.  All of us were very impressed with the Divot Tools and how they performed.  

Dads Say So, I love my lucky Liberty Ball Markers that I have in my collection.  I am really excited to add this divot tool to my collection and I am already thinking about adding another one into my golf bag.  You need to get rid of your random, golf course divot tools and get your own personalized one!  They are going to retail for $37.50.  You may want to get a combo pack with a matching ball marker and divot tool for your collection.  To order yours go to and help your fellow golfers and fix your pitch marks today!   

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