As most of you may know, the team at calls Central Florida home.  Florida may be known as the “Sunshine State” but some of that sunshine comes in the form of “liquid sunshine.”  One minute you could be teeing off on a par four and when you get to the green to putt for birdie there could be a monsoon style rain storm. With rain you’re going to want a water proof bag, either it being a stand bag or a cart bag. BIG MAX Golf is the bag to go with.

BIG MAX is a European based company that specializes in golf bags and push carts (or trolleys).  They are in many golf shops all over Europe, but not yet here in America.  One of the cool things that they have is a push cart that folds up to almost nothing.  Known as  the “Blade IP” this cart takes up minimal space in a trunk or in your house when it is folded up.  

BIG MAX gave us the AQUA Sport 2 Cart Bag in the yellow and black color combination at the PGA Merchandise Show. In this bag, they have possibly made the greatest multi purpose golf bag for the non tour player out there.   The bag is 100% waterproof and it has sealed seams and a waterproof value pocket. The AQUA Sport 2 supports the new DROP-STOP system from BIG MAX, guaranteeing 100 % waterproof material as well as seams and zippers. The bag comes with a great transparent rain cover which adds further protection to the Drop-Stop system.

One of the first things we noticed about the bag was how lite it was. The bag comes in at a whopping 5.2 total pounds. For a cart bag that is incredibly lite, a nice benefit if you are looking for more space and don’t want to break your back carrying the bag in from the parking lot.

There are clips on either side of the bag to move the shoulder strap.  This is a great function that allows you to put the strap on the side you prefer.  A bonus if you have a push cart and don’t want the strap to drag on the ground!  

The AQUA Sport 2 has a 14-way divider for your clubs and an oversized putter well. This is great if you are testing equipment like we do so you have a spot to have an extra club or two in the bag.  You can always have a second umbrella in the bag if you have a push cart.  You can put one on the push cart and have one when you walk away from you bag onto the putting green or tee box.   

The AQUA Sport 2 has seven different pockets to choose from for storing your golf accessories. There was on pocket on this bag that surprised a lot of us here at That pocket being the cooler pocket. The cooler pocket is a very impressive pocket. We checked it while we were at the BIG MAX booth at the PGA Merchandise Show in Florida back in January. The pocket ended up going from the tip of one of our contributing editors Matt Gary’s fingers to three-quarters of his arm to his elbow, about 12 inches!  There is enough room to carry plenty of your favorite beverages in the bag!

The BIG MAX bags come in various colors for the various stylish golfer. The available colors are black-silver, charcoal-black-red, silver-black-cobalt, red-black-silver, and navy-black-silver. The AQUA Sport 2 cart bag comes in at $299.99. It is a great bag if you are in a rainy area like us here in Florida or any other area that gets a lot of rain.

Dads Say So, if you live in a climate that gets a lot of rain and you tend to get caught in it this is the cart bag for you.  If you don’t get a lot of rain but want an amazingly constructed bag that is lite and has plenty of storage this bag is also perfect for you.  We really like the functionality of the bag with all the pockets and configurations that you can make with it. Keeping your grips, gloves and accessories dry is important in the rain to play well so this is a must have bag for every golfer out there.  If you want your own AQUA Sport 2 cart bag or any of the other three bags that BIG MAX sells (AQUA Ocean, AQUA Wave, and DRI LITE Active), you can go to and preorder yours today. All bags will be shipping out on May 1st.

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