I am pleased to announce that The Golfing Dads are working with Spark Golf here in Orlando to put on a great golf league at the one and only Celebration Golf Club in Celebration, Florida.  This nine-hole league will take place every other Thursday night beginning on April 19th.  

The league is going to be a two-man team event league and will run for 16 weeks, playing every other week.  One of the cool aspects of the league is that you will pay for your fees all up front!  This means no costs when you get to the course, but there will be drink discounts along the way as well.  

Here is the press release announcing the league:

Friends, friends of friends, golfers and non-golfers, I’m excited to announce we are firing up a Spark Golf Leagues at Celebration. Spark Golf is your every other week EPIC summer Hall Pass. It’s about drinking beers with your buds, and some competition-friendly golf.  
Spark Golf is a 9 hole, after-work league that creates a fun and social experience for a local community of golfers. The Spark Golf app adds “fantasy football” like engaging technology for registration, live scoring and weekly banter.
8 total weeks of play. 6 weeks of division play and 2 weeks of playoffs.
– The league is social with relaxed rules. However, we are Americans so there will be a winner.
– The format is 2 person team low net match-play
– Please enter partners name and email during registration to be paired. Singles will be paired with another single after sign up.
– The league plays 9 holes at the same time at the same course on same day every other week
– Handicaps are provided at league sign up and adjusted as needed throughout league play
And most importantly I will be your League Commish. So find your team partner and click here to sign up!
If you are concerned that you will not be able to make all of the dates for the league you can find a substitute and they can fill in for you (and pay you the money you would be out).  As it says above, if you are a single there is no need to worry as we will pair you up with your partner. 
Dads Say So, I am really excited about being the League Commish for our league at Celebration Golf Club.  It is a great venue that will be a lot of fun to play every other week.  If you have any questions about the league please feel free to email me at steve@thegolfingdads.com and I will get back to you.  As for now, find your partner and go sign up.  I look forward to meeting you soon.   Click here for our info sheet Spark Golf Leagues

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