Here at The Golfing Dads, Father’s Day is a great day for us as it is the one day a year to celebrate dads.  Traditionally, it is also the final round of the US Open.  As you all know, it is a time-honored tradition if there is a tie at the end of the day on Father’s Day, on Monday morning those involved would be back out for an 18 hole playoff.  

The 18 hole playoff is a reason for anyone to call in sick from work because every one of the playoff’s in the past has been memorable and has been “must see TV.”  It was the one event a year where it was great to have a different type of playoff to decide the champion!  After Monday’s announcement that will be no more.  

Monday, the USGA announced that beginning this year the US Open will go to a two hole aggregate playoff.  When this announcement came across my phone I could only scratch my head.  

Did the USGA forget about the history associated with the 18 hole playoffs? Sure, it has been 10 years since Tiger Woods defeated Rocco Mediate at Torey Pines in an epic battle with Tiger playing on one broken leg but how can we forget about Ernie Els’ victories or even Retief Goosen over Mark Brooks.  While none of us were around to see it, Francis Ouimet defeated Harry Vardon and Ted Ray at The Country Club, a victory that most of us have seen in the movie, “The Greatest Game Ever Played.”

So you change to a two hole playoff?  The Open Championship has a three hole playoff.  The PGA Championship has a four hole playoff.  The Masters does a sudden death playoff.  So were you trying to be different?  USGA, you were different and different was amazing when it happened.  Their justification for the two holes was it gave a player a chance to recover if they have one bad hole, a bad justification.  

Mike Davis said that everyone wants to see a Sunday finish.  Do we need to think back to 2002 at Bethpage?  After a rain delay, Tiger Woods was victorious but had he been tied with anyone they wouldn’t have been able to finish on Sunday because it was too late and they would have run out of daylight so they would have had to come back to finish on Monday anyway.  That would have been a lot of fun, a two hole playoff on Monday morning…

Dads Say So, memo to the USGA, you were different and it was awesome.  Why would you want to ruin a good thing?  Sure some may say that we should let it play out before we judge, but let’s be realistic, the 18 hole playoff is what made winning the US Open amazing.  If you want to claim that this is the best championship in golf then let 18 holes decide the winner.  Now we will have to hear Joe Buck talking about a two hole playoff?  As if can’t get any worse.  The USGA has been busy this year with rules changes, talking about dialing back the golf ball, changing the handicap system and some how they had time to add this to the list?    Congratulations on ruining the greatest championship playoff in golf!




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