As I sat at home today with my two little ones I had the golf on my iPad so that they could watch some cartoons on Netflix in the living room.  I was working on dinner while watching Justin Thomas tee off on the 16th tee and after he teed off my cell phone began to blow up. 

After teeing off, Thomas turned around and asked “Who said that?”  Thomas then pointed out a spectator wearing a Florida State hat and had him removed for rooting for Thomas’ ball to end up in the bunker.  

There are a couple things that went on here.  First thing I thought of was, “Is that my friend Brad getting thrown out?”  fortunately, I spoke with Brad and he was not the culprit, however he was out at the Honda today enjoying a great day and making me jealous.  

Second thing is common courtesy.  Come on man!  There is no reason to yell out and root against someone.  This isn’t Red Sox vs. Yankees (I cheer loudly for the Red Sox in that one). There are 70 or so guys playing today trying to perform their best and get a victory.  You should never root against anyone on the golf course.  Did you watch Thomas and Luke List on the 72 hole and in the playoff?  They were congratulating each other along the way the entire time.  If they can do it then so can the spectators.  

Third, there was an article earlier this week that the players were going to be on heightened alert after the incidents at the Waste Management.  If you gave them any reason to throw someone out they were going to do it.  So, why did anyone put them in that position?  There is no excuse for that type of behavior.  

Dads Say So, there is no reason to root against anyone during a round of golf.  Let’s take it one step further and say that you shouldn’t yell out anything after someone tees off.  Especially “Mashed Potatoes,” there is no reason to ever yell that out! Golf is a game that we should all respect and root for the guys that play at the highest level.  The guy yelling out to have Thomas’ ball get in the bunker has probably never broken 100 and never will.  So have some class and don’t embarrass yourself or your friends.  Lastly, lets all be thankful our friend Brad didn’t try to repeat the streaker incident from the Waste Management either.      

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