Hello everyone, Steve here.  For those of you that follow the blog, you know that my MLA Tour Classic is my go to putter in my golf bag.  Recently, I had lost a some touch with it and had started to wander in the putter section at the golf shop a little longer.  I had even switched putters for a couple of rounds just for a different look.  

While I was at the PGA Merchandise Show I met with one of the Public Relations teams that I do some work with and they represent MLA and another company, FORWARD GOLF Grips.  This is the standard grip that now comes on the MLA Putters so I told them I would give it a try.  

I have putted with the same grip style for many years, so the idea of changing the grip was a little scary.  I put the red midsize grip on my putter and the first feeling I had with it was amazing.  The grip fit perfectly into the creases of my hand and felt like it belonged there. 

Taking it out to the course it felt like I had a whole new putter in my hands.  The grip helps you make sure your hands are in the correct position a head of the ball at address and from there you don’t feel like you are changing grip pressure as a result.  This allows for a more fluid stroke and much more consistent. 

Out on the course I rolled in a birdie from 10 feet on the first hole.  I had 26 total putts on the course and regained my confidence with my gamer. 

The is one thing that you need to be aware of.  The FORWARD GOLF Putter grip is that it is hard to put on.  I have been re-gripping my own clubs for over 25 years and this was by far the hardest grip to put on.  The grip did come with a warning label to have a professional at your local golf shop install it.  If you know in advance that you need to use excess solvent and it is still going to be tough you will not have an issue.  

Dads Say So, I think that I have found my new putter grip.  Based on the feel, responsiveness and how it allowed me to release the putter and get the ball rolling perfectly.  Having used the grip a few times know a few of the regulars that I play with are asking where they can find their own FORWARD GOLF Grip so they can add it to their own putter.  They have said how much they loved the feel and how nicely it fits in their hands.  To get rid of your grip and add a FORWARD GOLF Grip to your putter, go to ForwardGolfGrips.com and order yours today.  It will run you about the same price as all of the other putter grips out there, but this one feels like it belongs there!

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