Golf bags are a preference for each one of us.  People like their bag for various reasons.  Some for weight.  Some for the number of pockets.  Some because it’s water proof. Some just because of the color of it.

Most bags are designed as is, with no modifications allowed.  Our friends at Tacticool have designed a stand bag that is completely adjustable.  They allow you to add and remove pockets as you see fit.  By adding or removing pockets you can add things to make the bag the weight that you want it.  It also comes with some really cool add on’s that you can really make the bag your own.  

Tacticool sent us the BAMF Expeditionary Bag. The bag is made of the same material that our brave men and women of the US Military use every day. 

These bags use the Molle strap system just like the military and law enforcement officers use day in and day out. The best part about the Molle system is it allows you to modify the bag to the pocket combination that you want to have for that round. 

If you are not familiar with the Molle system, it is a snap and strap system that holds the pockets in place.  It is easy to just unsnap and slide the strap through to take the pocket off and then slide the straps though and reattach the new one you want.  

There are many different pockets that you can attach to the bag.  There is the long side pouch, that you would find common on any bag out there, and many other smaller ones.  Just click here to see our video with all the pockets you can have on the bag.  

Another great thing about the bag is that some of the pockets have the soft side of Velcro on the outside of them.  Tacticool also has some awesome rubber morale patches to attach to it.  You can also put your glove on it to let it air out.  

The bag has a 14-way divider on the top.  This is awesome to keep your clubs separated but we found the putter slot to be a little on the small side if you have an oversized putter grip.  Our midsized putter just barley fit so if it was any bigger than that it won’t fit.  

The bags come in 3 colors, Olive Drab, Stealth Black and Coyote Brown.  These all match the colors of our nations military and our police force.  

Dads Say So, we love supporting the Armed Forces as well as the First Responders.  This bag is a great way to show your pride if you are/were one of those members as well to show your support if you have never been a part of it.  The fact that you can go to any store that sells Molle attachments that you can add to your bag gives you so many possibilities of set up.  As they say, “One Bag, Infinite Options.”  We love how you can modify the bag based on what you need it for.  As it states on their website, “the bag is also perfect for adding morale patches and name tapes — or even custom embroidery of names, teams, or corporate logos.” To order yours, click here and find the right combination for you to order.  It is a great way to show your support to the men and women protecting our freedoms each and every day!  


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