Happy Thursday everyone.  As you all have gotten to know, we often review training aids used to help lower your scores, courses that you may want to play, or equipment that you may want to put in your bag.  

Today, we get to write a review on something that many of us may be taking for granted and something that is crucial to the long-term health of our eyes. Sunglasses!  

Our contributing editor, Mohit Mistry, had and opportunity to test out some sunglasses and here is what he had to say. 

To be blunt, when it comes to my personal choice in sunglasses, I have traditionally ventured toward the “big” name brands (you all know who they are from the mass marketing dollars spent).  I have to admit, I was impressed by the quality of the pair that I have been testing for the past two weeks from Orion Sunglasses.

Orion offers a wide array of styles to choose from, so whether you pick a pair for golf, tennis, mountain biking or just to wear out and about, they have something for everyone.  Having had Lasik surgery many moons ago, I am  very picky about what I put on out in the sun.  The most impressive thing that stuck out to me was the fact that Orion’s sunglasses are able to filter out 100% of blue light (which, for my fellow nerds is in the 450nm bandwidth).  Is this important?  YES!!! Please refer to your Google search engine now.

The pair that I chose to test was a frameless version.  I was also given a traditional aviator style for my daughter, who will be posting her own independent review on our upcoming blog (shhhhhh).  Having had the pair now for two weeks, I’ve had the chance to test them out in many lighting conditions (full sun, overcast, early morning and dusk).  In all conditions, these sunglasses were fantastic!  Even though I was accustomed to an amber tint, I quickly grew to like the slightly greenish/yellow hue from my pair.  I also found that my eyes remained very relaxed and this was especially important as I drive long distances often.  They were also VERY lightweight and as an added bonus, feature an almost unbreakable set of arms.  Lastly, each pair comes with a cleaning cloth and case for safe keeping.

Dads Say So, if you’re looking for a new set of sunglasses and want an affordable pair with a wide variety of styles, a great quality lens, a pair that is lightweight and durable and most importantly does a FANTASTIC job that sunglasses need to do, PROTECT YOUR EYES! Check out Orion Sunglasses at www.orionsunglasses.com.

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