If you have followed the blog at all, you know that we love a good putting training aid. Before the PGA Merchandise Show, the Eye Putt Pro team started following us on Instagram and when they announced that they were going to be attending the PGA Merchandise Show we couldn’t wait to meet them.

Towards the end of the first day, we swung by their booth and met with Casey Schiel, the inventor and CEO of the Eye Putt Pro. Casey is a Class A Teaching Professional who has invented a cool new product. Click here for our video of Steve using it!

The Eye Putt Pro is a mirror that attaches directly to your putter. There is a magnet on it so if you use a metal putter the mirror will attach directly to the putter, right behind the sweet spot. 

Don’t worry, if you have an aluminum putter, or a wooden one like our favorite Bradley Putters, there are some double-sided tape strips included that you can use to attach the mirror to your putter. We found them easy to reuse until they lose their stickiness.

On top of the mirror there is a level. This is a great addition to the mirror. Steve tends to putt toe up on his putter, so this level is amazingly helpful for him. It makes sure that the blade is flat on the ground, so you hit your putts dead center on the putter face every time.

There are also two lines on the face of the mirror. They are there for you to line your eyes up in them, so you know that your eyes are over the golf ball. If your eyes are not over the ball you will automatically be starting in a bad position and that is difficult to recover from.

Included with the Eye Putt Pro is a microfiber carrying case, so you can also clean it off if it gets finger prints on it when you are attaching it to your putter. It will also protect it from getting scratched in your golf bag.

The Eye Putt Pro is a very simple putting training aid that will make you a better putter. This is proof that it doesn’t need to be complicated to make it work. It’s easy to carry, set up and use when your working on your putting or getting that last minute adjustment before teeing off.

Dads Say So, the Eye Putt Pro has quickly climbed onto the list of our favorite training aids out there on the market. Were excited to know that our friends at GolfTrianingAids.com will be carrying it soon for you to get from them. This simple 3-inch device will make sure that you are in a perfect position at address so all you have to do is rock the blade. If you miss you can’t blame it on your set up. To make sure you are set up correctly for less than $20 this is a steal. You will see us using it on the putting green, so you should go to eyeputtpro.com and order yours today so you have the same advantage we will have on our playing partners.

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