During the PGA Merchandise Show, we were able to secure the Zoom Tour Flexx-Fit Golf Glove. Designed by a company in Austria, Zoom states that you will not have find a size and that the glove will fit perfectly every time you wear it. No matter the player’s hand size (M, M/L, or XL), the manufacturer claims these gloves adapt to each hand.

As their slogan says, the glove fits like a second skin. Zoom states that the glove prevents slipping by the conforming shape thus allowing for straighter and precise strokes. By design, the glove experiences 80% fewer wrinkles and stays in perfect shape longer.

The Golfing Dads initially tried this glove on the driving range. We found the glove goes on easily and immediately conforms to the player’s hand. As advertised, this glove fits snuggly to your hand.

The leather is smooth but thicker in the palm than expected with a suede grip. Comfort wise, we felt the Flexx-Fit is like a “second skin” due to compression technology. The golf glove did not bunch up or wrinkle. Even when we wore the glove during a round the next day, the glove did not lose its shape or show signs of wear.

Across the top of the hand, this glove was comfortable. The only issue we found with the glove is a lack of feel. We had difficulty feeling the club in our left hand due to the thickness of the suede grip.

Dad’s Say So, the glove is a good product. It conforms easily to all different hand sizes. The glove does, indeed, fit like a second skin and is very comfortable. While these gloves are predominately in Europe we are hoping, based on their appearance at the PGA Merchandise Show they are going to come into the American Market. For more information on Zoom Gloves go to ZoomGloves.com.

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