Our great friends from Dormie Workshop do a fun contest annually for the PGA Merchandise Show called “Cover vs Cover”.  This allows their followers to design their own headcovers that will compete against each other.  Voting took place on their social media account and at the PGA Merchandise Show in person.

After the contest last year had ended, Steve came up with a fun idea for a head cover that was reversible depending on how you were playing on the golf course.  On one side there would be a “Birdie Train” while the other side would be the ever dangerous “Bogey Train.”

While the cover didn’t make it to the final cut for the contest the guys from Dormie liked it enough to make one for me and bring it to the PGA Show.  The cover is pictured above and instead of making it reversible from an inside out perspective they made it, so you can turn it around depending on how you are playing.  They also made the liner inside two different colors that have it matching the cover perfectly.  

The cover is made from that amazing Dormie leather that they have become famous for.  The “Birdie Train” side is red on top and blue on the bottom.  The “Bogey Train” is blue on top and red on the bottom.  The color contrast looks awesome and makes a great statement when it is on your bag.   

Under the “Birdie Train” there are the words “Choo Choo” because it’s on the express and you want to be on the “Birdie Train.”  Under the “Bogey Train” appear the words “Chug Chug.”  If you are on the “Bogey Train” you could just be “Chugging” along, or you may just need to “Chug” something.  

The cover made its debut on the bag this past Friday for the NFL Alumni Pro Bowl Tournament and it brought home the victory, remaining on the “Birdie Train” side all day.  It will be on the bag when we go to Las Vegas for the finals.  

Dads Say So, coming soon you too may be able to purchase your very own “Birdie/Bogey Train” Headcover on DormieWorkshop.com.  Steve was excited that they liked it enough that they want to add it to the website so that all of you can get one too.  There are a few followers of the blog who have already asked where they can get the cover as they want it on their bag too.  Steve is already thinking about his design for next year’s contest so that he can get one into the final seven and hopefully bring home the victory!  To see the covers that were in the finals and the winner’s, check out Dormie Workshop on Instagram and make sure you check them out on their website! 


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