Today was day one of the 2018 PGA Merchandise Show also known as Demo Day. Demo Day takes place at Orange County National Golf Center and Lodge on their massive 360º driving range. This is where the manufactures set up their equipment to show off their new products.

Here are some of the great surprises we found along the way.

Lynx Golf

Back in the mid 90’s Freddie Couples was the poster child for Lynx and after he left them the company folded into nothing. A few years ago, they made a resurgence in the United Kingdom and just recently bought the rights to Lynx in America. We were interested to see their product as they introduced some clubs to the media the week before the show.

Lynx brought a line of clubs starting with kid’s clubs working up to a player’s blade iron. They had game improvement and tour level clubs. There were a couple of the lines that really impressed us. First the Prowler Forged CB irons were the best feeling irons we hit today. The ball jumped off the club face and launched high into the air and carried unbelievably. The next set we liked were the #BB irons. These were a player blade iron that had very minimal offset and you could just jump on the ball and hit it with ease.

One of the cooler things they have done is worked on the lofts on the irons. The #BB irons come 2º strong.  Their Black Cat irons, designed for players with slower swing speeds have 2º of added loft. We are excited to keep an eye on where Lynx is going.


Cleveland Golf owns XXIO and the Srixon brands and while Srixon has been at the forefront you are about to find out a lot more about XXIO. These are the high-end clubs that they are designing. After hitting them today, they are unbelievable. We took one of their drivers that had a 36-gram regular flex shaft and put it in Steve’s hands. He swung as hard as he could (swing speed over 115 mph) and the ball flew dead straight. Steve uses an x300 flex shaft in his driver currently.

When we moved to their forged irons the results were the same. The ball launched high in the air and landed soft as could be. They felt great hitting them. You almost didn’t feel the impact, but the ball jumped off the club face fast and you could tell it had some heat on it. We expect some big things to come from XXIO this year, just this morning they have announced that Ernie Els has joined their staff and will be their global ambassador.  

Dads Say So, there were a couple “WOWS” at Demo Day. We must agree, the Cobra F8 driver is all they have been saying it is. Getting to see Jamie Sadlowski hit driver at the Cleveland Golf Area was fun to watch. Two-time Ladies European Tour winner Carly Booth was out hitting balls and her swing is fun to watch. The Face Twist technology in the new M line from TaylorMade does help an off center shot fly straighter, and it doesn’t look as bad as you would think. All in all, it was a great day and we look forward to going to the first day in the Convention Center to see what that brings!

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