We love reviewing golf bags.  There are so many different designs out there that we hope we can help you find the right one for you.

Recently, Steve won an OGIO Golf XL Stand Bag playing in the Windemere High School Golf Tournament.  We thought it would be great for us to get out the and review it.    

The bag is an extra ligth weight stand bag that has a seven way divider on top for your clubs.  The is a section for your putter, woods, hybrids and irons.  They set up very easily in the bag but because of the size it does make it a little tight when pulling out a club.  

The bag has five pockets and a regular size water bottle holder.  One of the pockets is a valuables pouch to keep your key and wallet in.  The water bottle holder is not insulated so the bottle can sweat into items in the pocket that it is ini front of.  

If you are looking to personalize the bag, there are two of the pockets that come off the bag so you can make it your own.  The ball pouch and the outside pocket give you multiple options to add a logo and your name to the bag.  

The best part about this bag is the weight of it.  Once  we transferred everything out of our bag into this bag it was  considerably lighter when we picked it up.  If you walk, and carry your bag, this is a huge benefit.  The lighter the bag, the less strain you put on your back.

We would like to see two smaller pockets on the bag to make it easier to find things like your tees or ball markers.  That is the only thing keeping this bag from becoming the best bag for someone walking we have ever seen.  

Dads Say So, golf bags are a personal preference to the player.  The XL stands for Xtra Light so if you carry your bag or like to have  a lighter bag when you walk in from the parking lot this is the bag for you.  Its light weight and well constructed.  Sure, the clubs are a little harder to get out and it is one or two pockets short but you can find a small pouch to put your tees in and leave in your ball pouch.  The ability to add customization to two pockets is a great feature.  We found the OGIO XL Stand Bag for as low as $100 on Google which is a  steal for a bag of this quality.  


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