PGA Tour players use the big, gigantic staff bags for a couple of reasons.  First, they are great marketing tools for the companies they endorse.  Second, they are waterproof and will help keep their grips dry when they play in the rain.  We all can have that same technology in a stand bag from Precise Golf!  

Precise Golf is an online retailer that sells everything from children’s clubs all the way up to push carts and they sell multiple companies equipment.  We did a review a while back of their Qwik Fold 2.0 3 Wheel Push Cart and at the same time they sent us their Water Proof Stand Bag to review.  

Living in Florida, we get our fair share of rain.  We don’t usually don’t play golf in the rain.  There are a lot of nice days here that allow us to play when Mother Nature cooperates. When we got the Water Proof bag we couldn’t wait for it to rain so we could see how it worked, and it didn’t rain during the day at all.  

The rain in Central Florida hasn’t really cooperated in letting us test how water proof the bag is so we decided to make our own rain to test the bag.  If you click here, you can see the results of us testing it. 

The water proof material that the bag is made from is black and there are different colors that the piping on the bag so that you can get a color that you want.  It looks cool.

The bag has an eight way divider on the top for your clubs.  This is a good layout to organizes your clubs in the bag.  There are 5 pockets plus an insulated water bottle holder.  One of the pockets is a lined valuables pocket to keep your wallet and keys in.  

The zippers are all waterproof securing zippers, so you don’t have to worry about those gloves, or anything else, getting soaked.  Even the rain hood has the same zipper on it, so they have gone to great lengths to make sure the bag is completely water proof.  

After testing the bag, the only thing that we think that we could find to improve on it were the number of pockets.  There are only 5 pockets on the bag and a couple of them are on the smaller side.  If you are playing in the rain you tend to have an extra towel or rain gear, so you want to make sure you have enough room for everything you need to have to play successfully in the rain.  

Dads Say So, if you live in a part of the world where you get an excessive amount of rain and you are bit by the golf bug like we are you need to go online to and order their Water Proof Stand Bag.  The bag is amazing at keeping your clubs dry from the club heads down to the grips.  The bag is amazingly light and looks great too.  To be able to get a bag for $179 that will protect you from the elements always and allow you to play at your peak performance is an amazing.  If your grips stay dry you have an advantage on your opponent and that could be the difference in your match!  

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