Let’s just begin this post with what a great name for an app for a golfer. How many of us golfers want 18 birdies on the golf course? We know we do. 18Birdies is such a great app to use for the average player and pro golfer. The app is all in one GPS rangefinder, digital scorecard, stat collector, side games, and tournament app. 18Birdies is trending at the #5 trending sports apps in the app stores.

Here at Thegolfingdads.com, we have been using the app for a little while. We are impressed with all of the different abilities of the app. First thing is the digital scorecard. If you like to keep track of your scores and don’t want to be a hoarder/collector of all of your paper score cards that you get from the courses then this part of the app will help you out.

The app also keeps your score cards in a history area so you can look back at it and showoff to your friends. Speaking of friends, we here at The Golfing Dads are kind of competitive and with that on the 18Birdies app you can add your friends and golfing buddies so that you can keep track of their scores, handicap, and best rounds.

18Birdies also has a great GPS rangefinder. When you start a round on the app and you select the GPS tab it will show an aerial view of the hole like this one here.

The GPS will show you the total yards, elevation, wind speed, temperature, hole handicap, club selection, and if you subscribe with the premium membership it will give you club recommendations. You can do shot tracking on the GPS too. When you first join the app you are allowed with only 5 shots to track.

While playing you can set goals like Birdies, Pars, Greens in Regulation, and Fairways Hit. You can select how many of each you would like to hit through your round. It is a little bit easier going after your goals per round instead of chasing that difficult “18 Birdies” round that everybody is targeting.

Putting your scores in to the app is very easy, you just have to select the pencil on the scorecard and you will see a set of numbers from 2 to 9 and “Pick Up”. While you are putting your score in you can put in your stats to save for next time you come and play that course so you can track your progress. The stats you can add in for you to keep track are Fairways Hit, Green in Regulation, Putts, Chip shots, Green Side Sand Shots, and Penalties.

The Premium membership of the app is $4.99 a month and you get a free 7-day trial or $44.99 for the year and you get a 30-day free trial. What you get with the premium membership is unlimited access to the following: Club Recommendations, Shot Tracking, Advanced GPS, Advanced Statistics, Game Bets, Group Outings & Tournaments, Double Golf Bucks, and Member Benefits.

 Dads Say So, with the technology in smart phones today it seems that everyone is using their phone for something on the golf course. If you can use your phone to help you improve or track your progress on the course that is a great way to do the math easy to figure out your statistics. We also love the fact that the app allows you to easily set up your gambling stats for you if you are in a money game on the course. Between the GPS, Shot Tracking and other benefits the 18Birdies app is the best app on the market for each level of player. If you are looking for an app to help you with your game, visit their website 18birdies.com go to the App Store or Google Play Store and download 18Birdies.

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