Since debuting on the PGA Tour, the ProjectX HZRDUS Handcrafted Shafts have had a strong following in the golf industry. We reached out to them to see about testing the HZRDUS Black shaft and see what it is all about.

The HZRDUS Black Handcrafted shaft is a low spin tip stiff shaft. It weighs 62 grams and as stated on their web site, “delivers insane distance for the stronger and more aggressive golfer, without sacrificing control. The shaft features increased stiffness along the full length of the golf shaft, which allows golfers to put more power behind the ball.”

First thing that we found, the shaft was 11 grams lighter than the shaft that was currently in our Callaway Great Big Bertha Epic Sub Zero. This makes the club easier to swing harder. That can be good and bad. If you struggle controlling it as you swing it faster, it will be the wrong shaft for you.

When we tested it on our Swing Caddie SC 200 Launch Monitor, we found the swing speed to increase close to 8 mph, but we found that we had great control of the club. We found the ball flight to be consistent with our old shaft. The best find, was the increase in ball speed coming off the face of the driver. We found a 10 mph increase in the ball speed and didn’t feel as if we were swinging the club any faster than we already were. This was HUGE!

The results of the ball speed increase meant a 10 to 15-yard carry distance increase with the driver. The carry distance was now closing in on 280 yards which means shorter shots into the par 4’s and a better chance to get home in two on those longer par 5’s.

Finding the right shaft can make all the difference in your game. There are so many things that can go wrong if the shaft isn’t right for you. Without the correct shaft, the ball could go anywhere. Therefore, testing out shafts is as important as testing out that club head. Shaft weight, flex, kick point, and torque all play a role in in your contact with the ball. It also impacts the spin on the golf ball. If you play in a lot of wind and have a high spinning shaft the ball will balloon more into the air and not go anywhere.  We believe that shaft is as important, if not more than the club head.  

While we tested the driver shaft, True Temper does make the shaft in a fairway wood and hybrid model as well for you to put in your bags to help your game. It also comes in two different weighting options for the driver in a 65 and 75 option. The hybrid comes in an 85-gram option. This allows you to keep the same shaft in your clubs, so you know how they are going to react!

In testing the new ProjectX HZRDUS Black shaft, we decided after one testing session we wanted to see what it would do on the golf course. We found that our carry distance had increased even on the course by about 10 yards! The best part about it we found the trust in the shaft to be amazing. The ball flight was consistent to our old shaft, but the flight was more penetrating.  The irons into greens were much shorter, allowing us to be much more aggressive.

Dads Say So, shaft upgrades tend to be a much more economical upgrade than buying a new club and can help just as much, if not more than a new driver in your bag! If you are looking for a new shaft for a driver, fairway wood or hybrid and you don’t test the HZRDUS line you are missing. For the low to mid handicap player the shaft can make all the difference. For the higher handicap player, the right shaft may keep a ball in play, instead of hitting it in the woods. For more information go to or visit your local golf shop.

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