The Golfing Dads have done a lot of testing of products by feel and results.  We like to test products under real, on course, or in practice conditions.  There are certain times though that we need to have a helping hand in our testing to give us some technical data.  After doing some looking around we have found a device that has now become the official launch monitor of  It is called the Swing Caddie SC 200!

You may have seen their commercial on The Golf Channel.  This device, that is about the same size as your smart phone, comes with a nifty little remote and is easily programmable to set the exact lofts on each of your clubs.  When you hit balls with it, the Swing Caddie SC 200 knows the exact loft on your clubs to judge your carry distance. 

To use the device, all you have to do is set it down about 4 feet behind the golf ball so that the display is facing the ball.  Then you just swing. Click here to see a video of Steve getting some on the course results with it.  

The Swing Caddie SC 200 display will tell you the carry distance, your swing speed, the ball speed and the all important smash factor if you are in practice mode.  There is also a target mode where you can set a distance and you have to work on hitting the ball that yardage.  The final mode that it has is approach mode.  You select a club and before each swing the approach yardage changes and you need to work on carrying the ball that yardage. 

Another great thing that The Swing Caddie SC 200will do is tell you the carry distance out loud while your hitting balls.  It is nice to know that you don’t have to turn around to look at the display.  All you have to do is listen so you can watch the ball flight.  

The remote that comes with the Swing Caddie SC 200 is sleek and really easy to use.  To change the mode or your club all you have to do is press the button that corresponds with what you are trying to do.  The remote slides easily into your pocket when practicing  and take it out and point it at the monitor.  You don’t even know the remote is in your pocket.  

The Swing Caddie SC 200 works on Doppler technology, it wont tell you the weather but it does give you a lot of important information for golf.  For us it will give us some great data when we are testing clubs, balls, shafts and anything else we can use it for in our testing.  

We used this to do some shaft testing that we have a review coming out for shortly and found very quickly the increase we had in all of our numbers.  If your trying to find the right equipment or fine tune your game the Swing Caddie SC 200 can really help you in getting the correct information you need!

The size of the Swing Caddie SC 200 allows you to use it on the driving range, golf course or even in your back yard.  Other launch monitors have to connect to your tablet or phone this device has it all in one unit.  You can just set it down and swing.  It is a great way to see your results on the course and how the clubs vary depending on lie that you have.  

We did test the information that the Swing Caddie SC 200 gave us for carry distance with our own Bushnell V3 Range Finder and found the information to be spot on with what the Swing Caddie SC 200 told us.  Being able to trust the information is key and were here to say that it is correct.  

Dads Say So, we really like The Swing Caddie SC 200.  It is going to be the official launch monitor of  Tour Players get this same information on other devices that cost thousands of dollars.  The Swing Caddie SC 200 is only $349!  A true bargain for this information!   With the quality of the data and how easy it works it is a steal to help you improve your game.  To order your own Swing Caddie SC 200 go to!

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