It was one year ago that Steve woke up and decided that his New Years Resolution would be to start this blog that has become known around the world as  What an amazing ride it has been.  

The first month we had only 97 views.  97 views?!  We wondered if it was going to work.  

By the middle of the summer we were well over 12,000 views for the month.  We were wondering if it was going to continue.  Then it did.  

Along the way we reviewed a lot of training aids, golf equipment, golf courses, accessories, golf tournaments and anything else we could come up with.  

There are a lot of people that we need to thank a year later.  First and foremost Steve wants to thank his wife, Alicia.  Your support, patience and just being the most amazing mother to our children has been second to none. 

Steve’s Dad, Mike.  All of your assistance with posts, reviews, conversations and a couple good laughs along the way have been great.  

Brad with  We don’t know if we would have been this successful if it wasn’t for you.  Your advice, assistance and great conversation for a laugh has been amazing.  

Joe with the Media Group.  Your belief in us to review products for all of the companies you represent has been appreciated and we owe you a tremendous thanks!  

Noelle with Cleveland/Srixon Golf.  Your willingness to send us golf balls and clubs to review has been great.  We love our relationship with such an amazing company and their willingness to work with us.  We really love their equipment.  

Brad from Bradley Putters!  I can’t even imagine where we would be without talking with you along the way about your amazing putters, web site design and the putting contest we still need to have on your hard wood floors in your shop!

Daniel from Ace of Clubs Golf Company!  You have been following Steve since he was playing in mini tour and different qualifiers.  Your support and the quality of the products have been amazing!

Todd and Jeff at Dormie Workshop.  Our laughter and conversations along the way are appreciated!  (The headcovers look awesome on the bag). 

Christi with Topgolf and the amazing partnership that we have created!  From hitting balls at the Citrus Bowl to the opening of Topgolf Orlando this has been a really cool year!

Brad from Liberty Ball Markers.  Having watched both of our companies grow this year has been awesome.  We love  your support and positive attitude and we look forward to more work together in 2018!

To all of our friends who have been supportive, honest, critical and awesome (Peter, Bruce, Mel, Steve, Eddie, Matt G, Matt C, Mike M. and Mo), Thank you for being so amazing and genuine with our conversations.  

Last, but definitely not least, you our readers.  For all of you who have followed us from the beginning or found out about us along the way we thank you for reading any of our work.  We hope that you have enjoyed what we have to say and will continue to keep reading.  

Dads Say So, we probably forgot someone and we are sorry if we did.   This past year has been amazing.  After getting 97 views in the first month we never thought that we would be where we are today.  We hope that you have enjoyed the blog and had some great laughs along the way.  We may not have been perfect but we have really tried to convey our opinion and hope that it educated you in making some great decisions and helped you improve.  This coming year, 2018, is going to be even better and we look forward to you being along for the ride!  


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