The Golfing Dads reviewed a lot of different equipment and experiences this year.  We decided to combine the two and give you our Top 10 list!


Monday After the Majors

One of the local sports talk radio stations in Orlando holds a tournament on ever Monday after every Major Golf event.  This year, we played in the first two and when it came time for the 3rd event we were excited to tee it up only to find out that the week before the radio station canceled the show, thus canceling the tournament.  This was a huge disappointment to us.  We are excited that they have found a home on another station and we will have more posts coming soon about these events.  They are event adding the Monday after The Players to the schedule this year.   



LugLoc is necessary equipment if you travel frequently.  LugLoc is a device smaller than your smart phone that connects with an app to your phone and works off cell phone towers.  You put it in your suit case or golf travel bag and you can track your bag better than the airlines.  If you get to your destination and your bags are not there you can show the airline personnel your phone and it will help them get your bag to you!


Argolf Pendragon Putter

If you put a putter in your bag the week of the US Senior Open and go on to win a Major and then we get to review the same putter, it has to make the top 10.  The Argolf Pendragon Putter is a mallet design putter that has a great weight to it and almost rocks itself to hit a putt.  The feel and balance of the face allow any player to be successful using the putter.  To find your Argolf Putter go to and order it today.  


Cleveland Golf Equipment

For the last few years Cleveland/Srixon has focused on the Srixon Brand making it their flagship brand.  Cleveland has focused soley on Wedges while the Srixon brand has manufactured everything else.  Well, 2017 saw the relaunch of the Launcher Line, their CBX line of wedges for the mid to high handicap, their Smart Sole Wedge and their new TFI Satin line of putters we fell in love with the new additions to the Cleveland Golf family.  


Ogio Silencer Bag

Technology in golf bags has not come very far in the past few years other than using lighter materials to make the bags sturdy and light.  That was until Ogio came along and introduced the silencer technology.  This technology grips the golf club in place so they don’t rattle or bang against each other when you are walking or going over bumps in your cart.  The fact that they did this and didn’t increase the weight of the bag significantly is a huge bonus.  


Hot Z-Golf USA Cart Bag

We love it anytime you can show off the Red, White and Blue on the golf course.  Hot Z has made a bag that just screams USA all over it.  The bag comes in a cart and stand model and both of them are very reasonably priced.  The cart bag has plenty of storage in it for anything that you need to keep in your bag.  The bag is light weight and will really show off your national pride.


MLA Golf Putters

Putter technology has really been limited in recent years.  This year MLA Golf hit a home run with their allignment technology that they added to the top of their putters.  While it looks different, different isn’t always bad.  The funky white markings on the top of the putter allow you to easily square the blade up to the target line and know that you are giving yourself the best chance to make the putt you’re standing over.  This putter is so good it caused Steve to  pull his gamer out of the bag and add it into his bag, and you should add it to yours.


Golf Vacations

Over Labor Day, The Golfing Dads and our friends were in Myrtle Beach staying at the Barefoot Resort and playing a lot of golf.  While some of the golf wasn’t the prettiest the fun we all had was the best.  It is for this reason that we do suggest that everyone go on a golf vacation.  We played 6 rounds of golf in 4 days and had a blast eating out and giving each other a hard time.  We love Myrtle Beach but there are many other great golf destinations and hopefully this year we can review another one and bring it to you. 


Bradley Putters

Before all of this technology came into golf many of the woods and putters were first made from wood.  Bradley Putters is a throw back to the wooden putter but with an amazing twist.  Bradley has some amazing looking, different colored wooden putters.  Bradley sent us the Luna model in blue and we fell in love with it at first sight.  If you don’t follow them on social media to see their amazing work you are missing out.  


Topgolf Orlando

Orlando is the tourism capital of the country. We have mice, wizards, and whales that everyone comes to see.  It was only fitting that Topgolf made their appearance here.  Opening in October, Topgolf has made a splash with the great nightlife and entertainment that they are famous for.  We love having it in our backyard and knowing that we can go whenever we want to.  If you are in Orlando and see us at our Topgolf be sure to stop by and say hello!  

We hope you enjoyed this list of equipment and experiences.  We have a lot more coming for you in 2018 so stay posted to see what is next.  

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