This year has had us review a lot of training aids to help everyone with their golf game.  We love doing these reviews and love even more our great partnership with  Our top 10 list of training aids, we are happy to say, can all be found at


The Five Footer

The Five Footer was the first training aid we reviewed this past January.  While it isn’t perfect, it is great to work on your 5 footers.  This allows you to be more aggressive with longer, lag putts and give you the confidence in making those crucial come backers.  We did take a Sharpie to ours to add some length indicators along it to allow us to work on shorter putts too, and we do suggest you do the same.  

Distance Clips

Distance Clips attach to your club to give you a great visual indicator of how far you hit each club.  This is great if you are a beginner learning how to play or someone who has found them self struggling to hit the ball as far as you once did and you need to know your new distances.  We love how easy they are to attach and then move from one club to the next as you progress.  If you struggle with knowing what club to hit get some Distance Clips today and add them to your clubs.  


FOCUS Putt Amazing

The USGA and R&A banned the anchored putter, much against our displeasure, forcing almost everyone to use a standard or counter balanced putter.  The Focus Putt Amazing attaches to your putter and allows you to treat it like an anchored putter and work on perfecting your stroke and feel.  You can do any putting drill with it attached and your stroke will improve!  


Orange Whip

Orange Whip is the number one swing trainer on the market.  It is a heavy orange ball on the end of a whippy stick that allows you to work on your swing.  If you struggle with coming over the top, releasing the club, or your tempo Orange Whip can help you with all of that.  It is also a great tool to help with golf stretching and exercising in between rounds.  We like to take ours and swing it in the back yard when were not playing so that we can keep the muscles loose. There are a bunch of videos out there to see all of the stretches that you can do with yours!


The Impact Bag

There is a reason that every teaching professional has an Impact Bag.  It’s because it works.  You fill the Impact Bag with towels and set it on the ground and work on your impact position.  The resistance causes you to stop at impact and check how good of a position the club is in.  This is great if you struggle with hooking and slicing and wonder what the face is doing at impact.  You can use any club in your bag with the Impact Bag to work on making sure you have a square club face at the “moment of truth,” impact!

Pocket Bunker

Amateurs, as a hole, struggle when they find themselves in the sand.  It can be scary because it isn’t a shot that many people practice.  The Pocket Bunker allows you to practice your bunker game anywhere.  The spider looking golf ball will sit up on the grass and react to the contact you make with it.  If you hit one good it will fly end over end.  Thin, it reacts just like a thin shot would.  Fat it won’t fly that far and just stop dead.  The Pocket Bunker is the best way to practice your sand game even if you don’t have a bunker to hit one out of.  


Pro Putt

PGA Tour Players have no problem staying still over a putt.  They practice putting as much as they practice hitting golf balls.  If you spend any time on your putting green you will see people out there practicing moving all over the place with their lower body.  The Pro Putt will give you the visual that you are moving your lower body so you can stop the movement on it.  It allows you to, almost, lock in your legs and if you move the rods on the front of it will move so you that you need to stop moving.  It is a great putting tool to help you improve!



Going to the driving range in between rounds should be your time to work on your game.  If you want to work on making sure the club is in the right position in your swing all you need to get is theHanger.  theHanger attaches to your grip and will hit your right forearm on the take away and your left forearm at impact and follow through.  If you get out of position theHanger will either hit you incorrectly to tell you or not hit you at all.  The ability to work on any club and help you get in the right position make this one of our favorites. 


The Eyeline Mirror

Professionals are all really good at what they do.  There are a lot of training aids out there that can help them that may not be the best for the average player.  The Eyeline Mirror is not one of them.  The Eyeline Mirror allows you to work on your putting stroke and make sure that your eyes are over the ball at address.  If they move, you will see them move off the ball.  If you go to any PGA Tour event you are sure to see a player using an Eyeline Mirror right before they tee off for their round, and we suggest you do too. 


The Navigator by Dirty Larry Golf

The Navigator has been featured in numerous pictures on our social media pages by many of our team using it.  It quickly attaches to the shaft of your putter and allows you to make sure the putter blade is pointing in the correct direction that you want the ball to start on.  If your blade is not lined up you will never make a putt. If you struggle with finding the line for your putter you need to get The Navigator.   Tour Pros use it and it is another training aid that can work for you!  

Dads Say So, we love collaborating with  Any time we can work with them on a project is great.  All of these training aids can be found on their website so you should go there now and find the one you are looking for.  We look forward to more reviews in 2018 about the great products that can help each of us improve.  




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