Back in September, we wrote a post about TaylorMade Golf’s Customer Service.  We were really impressed at the fact that they replaced Steve’s 15 month old M2 fairway wood when the speed slot cracked away from the body of the club.  

This past Tuesday, Steve was playing golf when he hit his tee shot on the 13th hole with the 2017 M2 3 wood and the ball flew really strange.  The ball went out 150 yards and took a right turn (at Albuquerque).  It looked like a duck flying after it had been shot. 

Steve looked at the club only to find the face of the 3 wood cracked on the bottom of the face and continuing to the speed slot.  He called TaylorMade from the 14th tee and they asked him to send some pictures of the club.  

The next day they emailed him back and let him know that they would indeed replace it and that the new one would be delivered on January 3rd.  Steve asked to have the club delivered by December 29th, 9 days from the email exchange, as he is playing in a tournament on the 30th.  

TaylorMade said that they were closed from Christmas to New Years and they were not able to get the club shipped out.  So does this mean that they are going to put it together on the 2nd and then ship it out overnight?  We seriously doubt they will overnight a warranty issue so why does it take them two weeks to ship it from Carlsbad, CA to Central Florida?  Are they using the “Pony Express?”  

Dads Say So, yes we were very impressed with how TaylorMade handled the first issue with the 3 wood back in September.  After using the new 3 wood for two and a half months and have it crack appears to be an issue they would try to rectify quickly.  The cracking on the face is a known issue to TaylorMade (just Google it you will have no problem finding out others who have had the same issues).  One would think that they would do their best to take care of their consumer and get the product to them when they need it.  It isn’t like we asked them to get it to us the next day.  Nine days is plenty of time to get a club in someones hands.  It is making The Golfing Dads wonder if it is time we changed companies to someone who may respond in a more timely fashion and take care of their consumers.  


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