The Golfing Dads love of music on the course has lead us to do a lot of speaker reviews.    Today, we are reviewing, what may be the last speaker you will ever own, the AMPcaddy!  Were here to tell you that this has quickly become the official speaker of The Golfing Dads and will be on our cart all the time!  

AMPcaddy, while yes being a speaker, is much more than that.  It is the best sounding speaker that we have tested.  The sound quality is amazing.  It sounds like you are right at the concert if you are listening to live music (our choice on the course) .

The AMPcaddy doesn’t take up any space in the cup holder or bin in the back of the cart.  It has a clamp that you can attach to the frame of the cart and you have nothing to distort any of the sound.  The clamp is easy to install.  All you have to do is turn the screw and the arms close down on what ever you are attaching it to.  The clamp keeps the speaker in place on the cart at all times.  It never moved from the spot we put it in.  

Most speakers you have to turn up really loud so you can hear it. The AMPcaddy has a swivel on the back of it so that you can move the speaker back and forth in the direction that you are playing so that the sound is pointed directly at you at all times.  This allows you to keep the music at a normal level so only your group can hear it.  Now if your “jam” comes on and you need to turn it up, by all means turn it up!  

As you can see in the picture the speaker is a little larger than our range finder on our cart.  Both of them can mount easily onto the frame.  There are no issues using both of them at the same time.  

The clamp on the AMPcaddy easily to attach to anything.  We were using it in the kitchen in our house to play music from our iPhone while we were on a cleaning spree.  You don’t have to limit your use to golf with it.  That means you can get one for your non golfing friends and they can enjoy the awesome sound quality as well (holiday gift idea)!

Dads Say So, being able to keep your speaker mounted, out of the way, and keep the volume at a level where your group can hear it and enjoy it is great.  To be able to keep the volume lower but still have it loud enough for your group to hear puts The AMPcaddy a cut above any other speaker out there.  We really like that you can keep your cup holders open so that you can have your beverage of choice (with your koozie, of course) ready to go at all times.  It also has the sound without any distortion as your towels are not covering it in the bin in the back of the cart.  Go out and order the official speaker of at

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