The Golfing Dads were really excited that True Temper was sending us a ProjectX HZRDUS Black Handcrafted shaft to review and we really couldn’t wait to get it into the driver to test. The shaft arrived Tuesday so Wednesday morning we made a few phone calls to see if we could find a shaft sleeve for our Great Big Bertha Epic Sub Zero.

Our first call was to our normal go to for club repairs and they had a shaft sleeve in stock but it was going to cost us $70 to get it installed same day, Were playing tomorrow in a work tournament and wanted to get to testing it out as quickly as possible. We were not really excited about putting a shaft sleeve on for $70 so we made a few more phone calls.

We called another location and they didn’t have any sleeves, so on a whim we called Dicks’s Sporting Goods. Kyle in the Golf Department couldn’t have been more friendly.

Kyle and I talked about it and while they didn’t have a shaft sleeve he asked if I had an extra shaft that may have had a sleeve on it and I did. He told me he could pull it off my old shaft and put it on the new shaft and I could pick it up on my way home from work! What was better is he was only going to charge me $10 to do it. That sounded way better than the $70 the first place was going to charge.

On my way home I swung into Dicks and picked up the finished product. It was all set and ready to go and looked perfect.

Dads Say So, Thank You to Kyle and the Dicks Sporting Goods in Davenport, FL. We are really excited to get on the range tomorrow and see what the HZRDUS shaft is all about. Finding a new place closer to the house to do shaft repair same day is awesome and we know that we will be back to have more work done. If you are looking for a friendly smile and some good club repair work done look no further than your closest Dick’s Sporing Goods. Remember while you are there to help give back to local sports in your community!

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