We did some golf ball testing for the OnCore Elixer and Avant golf balls and have to say the results were very puzzling.  The golf balls had a lot of good about them but some of us were left scratching our heads with the results.  

First off, if you have not heard about OnCore Golf Balls, they are a direct to consumer brand of balls.  The golf industry has seen the direct to consumer segment take off over the last couple years and there are now golf club companies that are following the lead (Ben Hogan Golf) in getting their product out there.  We will say that there is a lot of competition in the direct to consumer brands so being different and having a quality product is a must if you are looking to succeed.  

We will start with the OnCore Elixer ball.  This is their 3 piece tour ball.  In testing we found this ball to fly considerably further than the current ball we were using.  We also found the ball not to be impacted in the win as much as other balls.  The ball is perimeter weighted and this may add to the increased wind performance. 

One of the things that left us scratching our heads was the feel of the ball.  We found the ball to have an almost hollow feel to it and were surprised at the results based on the feel.  Around the greens we didn’t find the ball as responsive as we thought we would.  We found it to roll out a little more than our typical ball but felt that it would be easy to adjust to if you knew how the ball was going to react and played it regularly.    

As for as the second ball we tested, the OnCore Avant, we found this ball to be awesome for players with a lower swing speed.  This 65 compression ball added distance for slower swing speeds.  The ball flew great and was easy to control, but did add a few yards to each shot which can be awesome for players looking for distance.  

The players testing did have that same “hollow” feeling at contact but found the ball to be responsive and once they figured out the yardage the ball was flying they trusted it very quickly.  We found it strange for both balls to have the results that we received from the balls with the feel that it gave us on full shots, but if you did play either of these balls as your “go to” it wouldn’t be a problem.  

One of the things that the lower swing speed players realized in our testing is the importance of testing golf balls before you settle on one.  Most low handicap players use one ball all of the time for a reason.  They trust it and know what it is going to do on each and every shot. We think that everyone should get “fit” and find that one ball that you play each and every shot as every ball does react different.  

The great thing about the direct to consumer brands is you can find balls at a much lower price than walking into your golf retailer or pro-shop.  The Avant’s retail price is $26 a dozen, while the Elixer goes for $40 a dozen.  One of the awesome things that OnCore does is lower the price per dozen based on the number of balls that you buy.  You can get the Elixer for $28 a dozen if you order 6 dozen balls.  That,s a great discount and much cheaper than you can get any other tour ball for our there.  

Dads Say So, we love the idea of the direct to consumer pricing as you can really save money on purchasing golf balls.  The OnCore balls are no different and you can get golf balls at a price much better than you can find them for at your shop.  We do suggest that you get fit for the right ball for you.  There are so many choices out there that you need to find the right ball just like you need to find the right irons.  After our testing we do recommend the OnCore family of golf balls but make sure you are playing one ball not many balls as you will need to trust the feel and how it reacts all the time.   


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