A while back we put up a post about TaylorMade Golf’s customer service when Steve’s 3 wood had the speed slot crack away from the body.  TaylorMade sent Steve the 2017 version of the club so of course we took the chance to review the new model.  

Now, going back to the upgrade from Steve’s previous 3 wood to the 2016 M2 the club was easier to control as well as gaining at lease 20 yards of carry distance.  This was a huge bonus and allowed Steve to be much more aggressive with his 3 wood. 

The 2017 version didn’t give Steve another 20 yards of carry but we found the club to have a much more penetrating ball flight as well as there were about 5 more yards of carry distance off of a normal swing.  This is a great thing in adding more distance and not sacrificing any accuracy.   

The new 3 wood had a 15º loft and the stock TaylorMade M2 shaft in 65 grams and was an X-Flex.  The club had a Golf Pride multi-compound grip on it.  These were the same specifications that were on the 2016 model.  

The top of the club looks identical to the 2016 model but the bottom of the club doesn’t have the pronounced speed slot that the 2016 model had.  The club, based on the design, does seem to move faster through the ball.  The club also seems to be more solid at impact and the ball comes off on a much better trajectory.  

The 2017 model did come in a tour model that had a slightly smaller club head and a weight put in the center of the bottom of the club.  It is a nice addition for someone who likes the smaller club head look at address.  

Dads Say So, the upgrade to the 2017 TaylorMade M2 3 wood is a great addition to the bag and is so easy to hit and control that we don’t understand why everyone doesn’t have one in their bag.  The driver may be known as the “Big Dog” but this club needs to be referred to as “The Rocket Launcher.” The club makes you a better player and will help shave strokes off of your game and is a true weapon in the bag.  The M2 3 wood will make you a better player and the only thing that you really need to get used to is the added distance you will find you are hitting the ball and making sure you can control it.  TaylorMade has already teased us with pictures of the M4 driver and the M3 and M4 will soon be replacing the M1 and M2 lines but they are going to have a tough time designing something better than what we think is the best 3 wood on the market!  Go and get yours today and watch your game improve.  

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